10 high-tech gifts from 7.90 euros for Father’s Day 2017

Techno 13 June, 2017

If you are still looking for a high tech gift to give your dad for Father’s Day 2017, discover our selection of gifts from 7.90 euros.
After Mother’s Day, this is Father’s Day. Even galley, you have to find an original gift to offer to your dad. We had already offered you a list for your mom a few weeks ago. This time, we still think of you and your adored father, that you will rejoice with one of these high tech gifts. And since we know that financial level, it is not necessarily cake, we also thought about your budget! Discover our selection of 10 gifts from 7,90 euros to make the happiness of your daddy.
Elegiant 3D VR, the VR experience at a low price!
If your dad is a fan of VR, why not offer him a low-cost headset to make him discover the universe of virtual reality? Compatible with most smartphones under 6 inches, it is rather simple to use and well suited for 360 ° videos. Side budget, you should largely get out by taking advantage of the promo at 20.99 on Amazon !
Chromecast, low cost TV streaming
Tired of seeing your father watch movies and series on his PC while he bought a state-of-the-art plasma screen? Offer a Chromecast key, the essential tool for TV streaming. This small device is rather practical and available for about thirty euros . Something to please your papa the serivore!
A cup warmer cookie
Your padre is a coffee lover but he hates cold drinking? So offer this USB cup warmer in the shape of a cookie, which will retain the heat of its espresso to keep it warm longer. It will only have to connect it to its PC and it is played! It is available for less than 12 euros on Rapid Cadeau .
Power Pen, pen-charger
In the genre gadgets, Power Pen is a pen that has the peculiarity of … serve as a mobile charger for any iOS or Android smartphone! And guess what ? It will also allow your dad to write! Reload, compose … For 29 euros , your dad will never be in the drums and he will have the class!
A kit of lenses for successful selfies
If you do not mind seeing your father try “to look djeuns” by gering to make a drinking selfie, we propose to you this kit of universal lenses for smartphones to 10 euros . Three lens sizes are included for quality shots. With that, he will at least have the merit of taking quality selfies.
A lightbulb USB lamp if your dad’s late watch
Is it rather a geek, a night owl, a businessman even at home? Offer him this USB lamp Bulb, to light his laptop and let your mom sleep in peace. With this lamp, he can watch as late as he wants. You can choose this lamp for 7,95 € for the mini version, and 12,95 € in its larger version.
A projector for smartphone
Your dad is a great cinephile? With this overhead projector, he will be able to transform his smartphone into a cinema screen. Small, practical, portable, this overhead projector is even equipped with a non-slip silicone to protect the phone of your dad. His price ? 15,95 € .
A magnifying-screen for smartphones
Your father’s galley to read from his smartphone? His eyesight has dropped but he still has not made an appointment with the ophthalmo? Simplify life with this screen-magnifier for smartphones. It will allow to enlarge the screen of its mobile up to 3 times! And you will be able to shopper it for the modest sum of 7,90 € !
A shower loudspeaker
Your father is the king of karaoke. He sings every morning in the shower … And what better way to sing than a Bluetooth suction cup? Available in several colors, this loudspeaker is practical, waterproof and full of buttons integrated to manage the sound and even take calls under its shower cubicle! Its price: 14,90 € !
An iBed shelf for tablets
Chilling in front of the TV with a tray in front of the TV is cool. With a tray suitable for your tablet, it’s even better! With this tray, your father will be able to welcome his tablet and his meal on his lap. This tray is even equipped with a cushion that will offer it an optimal comfort! So do not hesitate any more, and buy him this tray for 16,90 € . ? There you have only the embarrassment of the choice!
Sure, with all these gift ideas, you’ll be able to spoil your dad for his party. It remains only to choose which one you will offer to him. And if you’re ready to put the price, why not offer your father a Galaxy Tab S3, a Gear S3 or a Galaxy S8 Your daddy will kiffer, huh?