10 powerful mantras for healing!

Techno 13 March, 2018

2018-03-13 11:35

10 powerful mantras for healing!
Everything in this Universe has a certain vibration, including the words that you use.

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For centuries, people have used words as a tool for healing, reports Rus.Media.

Mantras are short, positive inspirational phrases that have a powerful healing vibration, and they can help to free your body, mind and soul from any stress. Mantras can transform your thinking and make you reconsider the system of beliefs, which are deeply rooted in your subconscious.

Traditionally it was believed that you need to repeat the mantra 125 000 times that it really delved into the deepest levels of your soul. Although it may seem difficult, but the mantra at least a few times during the week, or month can have a positive impact on your life.

Here are some of the most effective mantras!

1) I know I love and support

Repeat this mantra three times or loud, or calm, especially in the morning, and then when you need it. When you read the mantra, cross your arms and wrap them around your body, like you’re hugging yourself.

2) This too shall pass

Read this mantra seven times out loud or quietly in my head during the difficult periods of life and when you are trying to cope with painful emotions.

3) I surrender my care of the Universe

Repeat this mantra three times out loud or silently to myself as often as you need it. Imagine that you are shooting with a heavy load and pass it into the Universe.

4) I choose to feel good every day

Read this mantra three times out loud or quietly, looking at himself in the mirror.

5) I am where I need to be

Read this mantra three times or loud or in the mind.

6) I release my past and forgive myself

Read this mantra five times or loud or in the mind, and put your hand on your heart.

7) All that I need for healing, I already have

Read this mantra five times or loud or in the mind, with his hands pressed to the heart.

8) Everything always works in my favor

Read this mantra three times or loud or silently to myself.

9) I easily create a life you love

Read this mantra six times or loud or silently.

10) I am guided by love, taking all the decisions in life

This mantra is best read after or during meditation. You can enable it in their own practice, or you can use the following instructions as a guide: make three or four deep breaths and exhale, hand on heart. Repeat the mantra in my mind eleven times. When you are finished, stop the meditation, making three to four deep breaths.