10 reasons why small Breasts are better

Techno 6 February, 2018

2018-02-06 21:11

10 reasons why small Breasts are better
You have no reason to feel left out! Moreover, women with small Breasts huge benefits.

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Bras with pads, a fear shared showers or locker room — you probably have all of this took place in adolescence, reports Rus.Media. Perhaps you never even thought about how to increase your breast… And here you are grown up, but old systems still do not give you peace of mind.

You get more fun in bed

Well, small Boobs have advantages in the bedroom. Researchers from the University of Vienna found that large Breasts are 24 percent less sensitive than small ones. As a small bust has less fat, it easier to stimulate during foreplay.

You have a lower risk of developing breast cancer

Your tiny girlfriend can save your life by preventing breast cancer. Small Breasts are easier to self-identify a malignant tumor at an early stage.

You don’t have to worry about sagging

Sagging Breasts does not threaten you. It does not matter whether you wear bra or not. However, a recent French study showed that wearing a bra contributes to aging of the breast. It turns out that the restrictive material prevents muscle tissue, which can accelerate sagging. And since you don’t have to wear a bra, you have nothing to fear.

You can wear button-down shirts without fear

Do you know how hard it is to keep the chest in this small article of clothing when the buttons want to pop open? Of course not. You are protected from this confusion, and thank God!

Financially secure men love you

If you often wonder: who are attracted to these two beads on my chest, science knows the answer: financial safe men. According to modern psychological research, which interviewed people of different socio-economic statuses on the subject of what size of Breasts they find most sexually attractive, it was found that women with large Breasts attract poor men.

The researchers suggest that breast size women can act as an indicator of body fat, which in turn shows that their owner, a generous stock of food and money.

Satiated men love you

No one wants the evil of hunger man as his partner. The results of the aforementioned study, in which subjects chose the best, in their opinion, breast size, the researchers also discovered that men whose stomachs were full, more attracted to a small bust, and hungry men prefer large Breasts. Who needs a hungry, cranky kid?

You will not attract people who are sexist

Of course, the guys who like women with large udder, shallow but science proves they are still sexist! According to a study conducted at the University of Westminster, studying the connection between sexism in men and breast size of women, men for whom large Breasts are more attractive see women as “meek and weak”.

You can Wake a woman of loose morals

Short hair, dancing the night away, bright makeup, revelry with friends – women are free moral fearless, fun and free. These girls in the 1920-ies was ploskogorie. More than 90 years, the fashion for them passes. So save yourself the heroine of “the Great Gatsby” and go on an adventure.

You are free from back pain

Not only do you not feel back pain that I suffer from a lot of Busty women, but also have better posture because your Breasts are not your torso leans forward. In addition, a large bust causes tension in the neck and headaches.

You can choose any bra

Cheap bodice tops with cups, bandage etc – you have a vast choice of bras. Want the bodice in hot pink polka dots – please. Don’t want anything to limit your chest – go ahead!