10 sex tips that everyone should know

Techno 17 March, 2018

2017-11-08 19:07

10 sex tips that everyone should know
How to be a professional and unforgettable lover for sex from girls ready for anything? Good lovers women appreciate to tremble at the knees.

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Girls love to tell each other about the great lovers, who met in his bed. Most often in the memory of the girls are not those with the largest bolt or beautiful abs. The best lovers are those who know what they’re doing in bed. How to stay in your girl even if the sex you had once? Although if you’re great, the girl will always come to the stick of tea.

1. Pure sex

If a partner smells of sweat, dirty hair, oily skin, long nails, and the vegetation climbs from all cracks, there is not to have sex. The best sex is clean sex. Want to have more sex, take a shower every day and just before sex. Bring in the order of vegetation not only on the head, cheeks, under the arms, but below the belt. It doesn’t have to shave, but to bring the jungle right very desirable.

2. Take care of security in sex

Girls don’t want to think about unplanned pregnancy or sexual diseases. Take care of the condom and use it without reminders.

3. Prelude to sex

A couple of seconds to get rid of clothes and even a few minutes of sex is not what women expect. The more and better will irritate the girl, the better. Girls need more time for arousal. Find a husband who is reluctant and spends on foreplay 15 minutes is a big luck for any woman.

4. Maintaining feedback in bed

A lot of questions during sex to put not worth it, but to ask how it relates to sex on the table, using the lash or in a pose of doggie, and sometimes necessary. Supports girl sex the idea with the same inspiration? Sometimes it is a little bit to adjust your ideas with her sex desires.

5. Treat sex with humor

Sex romp pretty funny looks. You puffing, moaning and frantically mate on the animal level. If a man is to treat sex too seriously, women get nervous and can’t relax. Joke, laugh and have fun. If you do not know how to defuse the situation, arrange a pillow fight, tickle her or tell a funny joke.

6. Kiss more

Girls love kissing not only the lips. Covered with kisses her face, ears, neck, chest, abdomen, navel, legs, knees, fingers, feet, back, and clitoris. Don’t stop to kiss a girl even when put on most tomatoes.

7. Sex not silent

Tell the girl compliments, whisper in your ear obscenities and dirty words. It will make sex more memorable. To call her a dirty slut or a Horny bitch is a great idea that could disrupt its last moral barriers.

8. Sex is not like porn

During sexual intercourse you should not frequently change postures. A maximum of 3 poses, but one more is the secret of perfect sex, according to women. But to change the poses do not have to ask permission. It is sufficient to expand the girl or to send as you need.

9. Catch the rhythm of her orgasm

Each of the girls has a favorite rhythm in sex. Try to determine its capacity and lower rate. As soon as you got in, she starts to moan louder and more responsive to your actions. If you do everything correctly, the girl will move pelvis to meet you in your rhythm. Don’t piss the member immediately, and for a moment too long in the vagina, move your pelvis in different directions.

10. Let sex be dirty

Girls love experiments in sex, but rarely remember about it. This shy, complex and a desire to appear more decent. But the man is a dirty animal and if it comes from such an initiative, then the girl can be happy to agree. It is likely that she already dreamed about it, but were afraid to ask. Even the nice girls can go very far in the experiments in sex.