10 things to get done before 10 am, to make life better

Techno 14 February, 2018

2018-02-14 18:58

10 things to get done before 10 am, to make life better
Do not have to be a morning person to appreciate the benefits of morning habits.

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However, most people prefer the “Dospat” and then roll out of the beds at random chosen outfit and go into another day without a clear plan, reports Rus.Media.

You, in turn, have the choice to start the day more thoughtfully. By doing so, you can feel better, be more productive and even feel slight happiness at the end of the day.

Here is a list of things to do each morning before 10.00 am to attract luck:


Meditation or even simple breathing exercises will help You start the day with a sense of calm. Instead of reaching for the phone or check the mail, take a few moments penetrating the pleasure of silence.

We just had a hurricane of activity in need of the cases scheduled for the day, so give yourself permission to at least begin on a peaceful note. This will help to develop a good pace for the whole day and will help to improve concentration, increase energy and boost your optimism.

Our gratitude

If the only prayer you say in your life is thank you, that is enough.

Master Eckhart

Start your day by listing all the things for which You are grateful. Consistent practice of gratitude in the morning will improve the awareness throughout the day. Also it will make You more resilient in case on the horizon is brewing a serious experience.

Determine what for you is the main thing

In the peace and quiet of the day before found various problems, plan the day, having painted three goals You want to achieve during the day. Make these things a priority. When You plan something and carry out scheduled, the day felt productive.

Complete your schedule

In addition to the important goals resperate time so that you can quickly take care of “fires” when they make themselves known. Add to your plan for the day and leisure: it will help You achieve your goals and ensure your free time.

Don’t forget about water balance

You Wake up dehydrated and therefore very important, first of all, to replenish the water in your body. Donna gates in her book “Diet green body” advises to drink half of the planned day of water before lunch. So You get rid of all the toxins, you will feel less hunger and headache.

It is quite difficult to find someone who wakes up alive and vigorous . And it is not always easy to include in the morning routine exercise. If You wish to give preference to something easy, you can pick up for a small series of stretch marks on the muscles every morning.

Listen to music

Starting your morning with upbeat music, You will not only Wake up but also fill your entire day with positive energy.

A 2013 study showed that music helps us feel better. According to the conclusions of the participants of the experiment, the two main advantages of listening to music is a “mood regulation” and “self-consciousness”.

This can not only positively affect the mood but also to improve motivation, appearance, and even sleep the next night.


Start your day with a smile to himself in the mirror in the bathroom. It’s good to affect Your behaviour and wellbeing, even if it will be a taut smile. A smile makes You more attractive and gives the impression that You are credible. A study by the University Monpele showed that smiling makes You a more successful leader.

To clean up after themselves

We all life busy and early morning are often in a hurry. Often fall before the temptation to keep on the floor in a mess of clothes, dishes in the sink or postpone taking out the trash for later. But better to just clean!

The procrastination cleaning You are hiding from yourself the opportunity to show their best side to work. But if You take, You will be able to come home and relax. It is always better to clean up immediately than to wait until You are forced to do it.

Start with the basics

Don’t be deceived by ease of implementation from a few simple items of day plan, first make that more difficult. Time shows that the implementation of the first complex makes the day more productive and happy. You will remember that all day with each new time You it easier and better. As a bonus: no procrastination, just as there will be nothing to postpone.