10 words that attract luck

Techno 22 January, 2018

2017-03-22 22:09

10 words that attract luck
To find the joy of living, to get rid of problems and achieve success, no need to make Herculean efforts.

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The main thing — to believe in themselves and give themselves positive installation. This can be done through the power of words, reports Rus.Media.

Even in ancient times people realized that the words spoken with conviction and repeated, can have a strong influence on the life and destiny of man. It has been observed that the frequent use of words with strongly negative value leads to an increase in problems, and, conversely, the predominance of “positive” words gives a man such strength that one gets out of the most difficult situations in life and achieves success. Our wise ancestors used this observation in order to make the plots really effective. But modern psychologists have confirmed the connection of what we say, our sense of self and good fortune. The fact is that the words often uttered by us, are deposited in the subconscious and evoke a special reaction of the body, affecting our behavior and life in General. So if the problems don’t leave you alone, it’s time to think about what words you say most often. Here is a list of 10 words that will help to get rid of problems and bring good luck.

Good luck. Yeah, lucky loves when her name is called. But to use this word should be confident and only with a positive mood. No “Oh, if I was lucky…”. Instead, it is necessary to say, “I believe that fortune will smile upon me today.”

Happiness. Happiness is what you seek. Remind yourself of that goal every day and confidently look into the future: “I will seek your happiness.” Repeating the word, you will bring your purpose to yourself, and some time will really feel happy.

Love. The ability to love yourself and the world — the success of which does not like old people. Remind tell someone about your feelings and don’t be afraid to confess his love to the world. Say, “I love this world, its beauty and the opportunities it opens before me.” And the world will hasten to reciprocate.

Well-being. The word consists of two parts, and if you swap them around, we will see a combination of “get good”. If you will often use this word, especially if you desire the welfare of other people, you will really start to benefit from life and will deploy to their luck.

Thank you. If you analyze that word, by component, you get a combination of “give good.” Fortune turns back to those who are able only to receive without giving anything in return. Therefore, for your successes thank — uttering the word “thank you” to loved ones, successfully formed the circumstances, those who gave you the minor, but the help, and next time, luck again will not give you his affection.

Success. To all your endeavors crowned with success, often say a word. This way you will program yourself for good luck and get what you want.

Confidence. Confidence is one of the basic feelings of happy people. If you believe in yourself, fortune will give you a favor. The frequent repetition of this word will help you to feel confident in their abilities, to convince ourselves of our own faith, even if initially you had doubts.

Trust. To ensure that the circumstances successfully, you need to trust life. Before your big business often talk about confidence: “I feel the trust towards life. I know that circumstances will develop in my favor”

Health. The key to success is good physical and mental health. Negative words, discussion of disease and the constant complaints of feeling not only attract problems, but also worsen the condition of the body. But the word “health” in a positive combinations will contribute to the fact that you will always feel good.

Hope. Hope makes a person to collect forces in a fist and to move forward even in the toughest situations. Say “I hope for the best”, and good luck sure you will hear and meet expectations.

Change your life for the better using the right words. Your happiness is in your hands. Let fortune always gives you his favor.