103 000$ of vandalism by a hundred revelers

News 24 March, 2018
  • Archival Photo Chantal Poirier
    The residence of Yvan Laurin and Natalie Pimparé, located in a quiet neighbourhood of Repentigny, has been sacked by over one hundred young people at a party that has degenerated in August 2016.

    Benoît Philie

    Saturday, 24 march, 2018 01:00

    Saturday, 24 march, 2018 01:00

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    After seeing their house ransacked by a hundred young people at a party that has degenerated, a couple of Repentigny continues for 103 000 $ its the insurance company that is slow to compensate.

    Yvan Laurin and Natalie Pimparé have found themselves in a nightmare the night of August 4, 2016, when they learned that their home had been besieged by party-goers, says a lawsuit filed recently in superior Court.

    In Florida

    The couple, who preferred not to answer questions from the Newspaper on the advice of their lawyer, was then in his second home, in Florida.

    According to our information, one of the two boys the couple had organised an evening at home with a handful of friends during the absence of his parents.

    However, the word has been circulating on social networks and nearly 150 people, including many strangers, presented themselves at the feast.

    Defendants, the parents were then alerted the local police from Florida. They have intervened to evacuate the remains, but the damage was done.


    On their return to Quebec a week later, the couple realized the extent of the damage, amounting to 103 000 $, according to their estimates. It is this amount that he is claiming to be The only general insurance.

    “[Young people] have invaded, ransacked and vandalized the building, its contents, its swimming pool and spa, in addition to stealing some personal property, ” one can read in the documents filed with the court.

    Mr. Laurin and Ms. Pimparé also indicate that they were covered for theft and vandalism. They have provided all supporting documents to their insurance company on August 26, 2016.

    However, according to the lawsuit, The Single would not have sent any response to the claim of its customers, and this, for nearly a year and a half after the incident. Meanwhile, the couple has had time to renew twice its contract with the company.


    For its part, The Unique general insurance, which belongs to The Capital, assures to take seriously all the records that it receives and perform the necessary analyses.

    “It is false to claim that The Single has not communicated with its insured, but as the process is legal, we must limit our comments,” said the spokesman, Jean-Pascal Lavoie.

    Ironically, The Capital Insurance currently broadcasts an advertising campaign on the television where we see a young organize a celebration on the social networks, while her mother is preparing to go on a trip.


    Other cases

    Beauport – July 2012

    Photo archive

    More than 400 revelers have severely damaged a small house in the Quebec city region during an Open House organized on Facebook. On the page of the event, the initiators had made a link between their “party epic” and the film Project X that tells the story of high school students organizing a party that degenerates. The police have had to intervene in large numbers and make several arrests.

    Saint-Raphael – April 2012

    Photo from the archives, Benoit Gariépy

    Two young “very polite” have deceived the vigilance of a man in his seventies by renting, for a day, his residence centenary of the county of Bellechasse, on the south of Quebec, in order to organize a night of demolition. For the sum of $ 5, visitors could destroy everything they could. More than a hundred people would be presented.