We played Pokemon Go on the Apple Watch, and it’s not as cool as the Pokemon Go Plus!

Techno 26 December, 2016

Pokemon Go is officially available on the Apple Watch Series 2. Editor, we did not hesitate to test the Niantic Labs app on the connected watch to compare it to the Pokemon Go Plus

At the end of the year, one of the good news was the official arrival of Pokemon Go on the Apple Watch Series 2. And the least we can say is that the mobile game of Niantic Labs Is made for Apple’s connected watch. Henceforth, the number of steps taken during our Pokémon hunts is counted in the activity of the watch. Better still, the app Health of our iPhone will automatically update following our games on Pokemon Go (which should offer new bonuses until the end of 2016) . So the Apple Watch Series 2 would be more effective than a Pokemon Go Plus?

The Pokémon are visible on the Apple Watch but can not be captured!

On the Apple Watch, notifications are more effective and more discreet. At the approach of a Pokéstop or a Pokémon, the watch vibrates. And one can easily access information about the incubation of eggs, or Pokémon friend, the distance traveled since the beginning of our part, on the Apple Watch Series 2 . At meltyStyle, we really kiffé the possibility to open a Pokéstop without needing our iPhone. But on the other hand, we regret not being able to catch Pokémon via the connected watch . What is possible, for example on a bracelet Pokemon Go Plus which, although it does not have a screen, allows us to capture the little monsters without knowing their identity.