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2017-02-24 20:37

13 words you can’t say before going to sleep
Then the trouble will bypass you party.

Sometimes the day is not given from the morning. Why is this happening? Astromag: the failures we blame ourselves, as the evening drew into his life the negative. It turns out there are 13 words that are absolutely impossible to pronounce in the evening. Then the trouble will bypass you party, reports Rus.Media.

Gold — Wake up angry in the morning

The keys for the next day closes the monetary channel

The damage is to pull the negative

Blood – the next day you feel unwell

Satan , the devil, the devil is to invite evil into the house

Death is not sleep at night nightmares will

Weapons – not until the next day and the entire week will be held in quarrels and conflicts at work

The sorcerer , the witch of negative emotions during sleep that will remind myself the next day

War — accelerate and strengthen the illness of people close to you

Poverty, the collapse is to attract theft or to cause failures in business

A broom, a vacuum cleaner – at work you are in trouble, who one day decided to fail

The fright, a Ghost, a house — the house will start small troubles or tricks of evil. In some cases, the house will come in a dream and will choke

The disease is the mention of any disease dangerous in the evening. In a short time it could be you or your loved ones. And all because of the fact that your brain will attract a reality.

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