16 things we saw at the public meeting Justin Trudeau in Quebec city

News 19 January, 2018
  • Photo Simon Clark/QMI Agency

    Marie-Renée Grondin

    Thursday, 18 January, 2018 20:12

    Thursday, 18 January, 2018 20:12

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    Justin Trudeau was in Quebec city, Thursday, where he held a public meeting. About 900 people moved to the école De Rochebelle in order to ask a question to the prime minister of Canada. Here are 16 things that we have observed during this event:


    -The right-wing group, Storm Alliance, clearly identified, is invited to the gathering.

    Photo Simon Clark

    -A purification ceremony with Linda Sioui took place before the arrival of the prime minister to “prepare our minds for the fruitful discussions”. She has passed the”energy of the messenger of the creator” for a “nice evening successful”. Contrary to the native tradition, the sage has not been used.

    -The minister Jean-Yves Duclos said “regret not to be member of parliament for Louis-Hébert”.

    -Joël Lightbound has been found to have made its first weapons in political Rochebelle, where he had promised more microwaves.

    -There was a simultaneous translation service so that people can listen to the discussion in the language of their choice… even in sign language!

    Photo Simon Clark

    -Justin Trudeau responded to a question with an example somewhat lame in imagining the formation of a “party exclusively for left-handed people”, in order to explain the abandonment of its election promise to reform the mode of election.

    -Justin Trudeau has had difficulty in pronouncing the word ice-breaker… “Breaking Fat”, he said in response to a question about the Davie.

    -A little boy named Sacha has asked the prime minister: “what is it that you would like to change in the world, to share the opinion of others”.

    -A syrian refugee man who has expressed do not understand why Canada has been able to adopt the Law ” on medical aid to die. He would like to see our “land of peace”, “let the destiny choose the end of this adventure, this battle,” he said.

    -Justin Trudeau, who found that teachers are not fairly valued, then they are doing “the job the most important in the world”.

    Photo Simon Clark


    -The prime minister who said “sorry” and slams the payroll system Phoenix and its “horror stories”, while an employee of the federal government has indicated that it is not paid for two years.

    -Students from a group of francization have offered a card to the prime minister.

    -Justin Trudeau, admitted that the senator André Pratte him “because of the challenges”.

    -A man has waved the canadian flag embellished with a swastika, and interrupted the discussion. “It is a discourse that has not its place,” the prime minister said before adding that “this is what “democracy”.

    Photo Simon Clark

    -Hundreds of phones in the air, have attempted to crunch the portrait of the prime minister during his arrival in the room, but also at its output.

    Photo Simon Clark

    -Surprisingly, no question on the legalisation of cannabis was not asked at the rally.