17% of the military army of Finland were victims of sexual harassment In the World : Vladim

News 9 January, 2018

In Finland held a poll in which the military were asked about sexual harassment in the army. About 17% of the respondents admitted that they had been victims of such incidents.


Shocking data published by the media in Finland. As it turned out, almost every fifth member of the army in the country had experienced sexual harassment.

The survey was conducted within two weeks. During this time, sociologists have interviewed more than 700 of the army of the country. Participation of both women and men. On the correlation of gender to be voted is not reported. The study became known that approximately 17% members of the military have grown in the country are victims of sexual harassment. 77% of respondents said that they do not have to be in such situations. And only 6% do not know how to distinguish harassment.

This experiment was conducted not for the fact that the country was a scandal. Sociologists claim that it was done for publicity to reduce the number of incidents in the army.

The topic of sexual harassment began to raise around the world after a major scandal in Hollywood. World famous Actresses, including angelina Jolie, said the harassment by American producer Harvey Weinstein.