20 interesting about ordinary things. You didn’t know!

Techno 5 February, 2018

2018-02-05 13:39

20 interesting about ordinary things. You didn’t know!
The usual things with which we daily deal, full of surprises. We think that we know everything about them, but it’s not. Here are the most surprising facts about everyday objects.

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1. Boxes with Asian fast food

You can, of course, to train finger dexterity, catching sticks noodles and rice from the corners of the box. And you can expand the box, then it becomes a plate, which is much easier.

2. The cylinder on the wire

This is a ferrite filter that suppresses high-frequency interference in electrical circuits. Thanks to her improved quality of digital signal. By the way, these filters are removable.

3. Button on the back of the shirt collar

This button is needed to the tie sticking out from under the collar. Lately, these shirts do not occur very often, because the fashion for skinny ties, fit under this button are long gone. Now, these buttons perform a purely decorative function.

4. Indentations on the bottoms of wine bottles

When the bottle cork stopper, creates a strong pressure on the bottom and sides. Recess in the bottom allows you to distribute it uniformly, whereby the bottle bursts. By the way, the bottles intended for sparkling wines, a notch more than in other wine bottles.

5. A horizontal loop for verhnego button shirt

Why all the loops on the strap of the shirt are positioned vertically and the top horizontally? The answer is simple: at this point, the shirt is often unbuttoned. Of horizontal loops button popping up is not as easy as vertical.

6. Additional holes for lacing sneaker

By not many people, but in vain: through these holes to lace up sneakers so that they will be perfectly fixed to the leg and will never RUB you the fifth during sports.

7. Side holes on the shoes

Besides the obvious answer “for ventilation”, there is another version. The fact that the first shoes Converse All Stars have performed for basketball players. Sneakers were sorvalis so that the cord passed through these holes. Because of this the shoes were really tight.

8. The hole in the spoon for spaghetti

In order for you to not break your head over how much spaghetti you need to cook, and made that hole. What is placed in it, and there is a standard serving for one person.

9. openings in the handle of the BUCKET

It will come in handy not only in order to hang the bucket on the hook. This hole can be used as a holder for the spoon that you stirred the dish.

10. The hole in the cap of a ballpoint pen

Children constantly pull all in your mouth and chew on pens a lot of people loves and at school age. If a child swallows the cap and it gets stuck in the Airways, this small hole will not allow the baby to choke.

11. The arrow next to the refueling indicator on the dashboard

This is a brilliant hint, which, unfortunately, is not available in all machines. The arrow shows which side the tank car. An indispensable thing when you need to refuel your rental car.

12. The hole in the sticks of candy

In this case, the explanation is purely technical: a small hole is necessary in order that the candy was kept on a plastic stick. When poppy straw in liquid syrup, he flows into this hole and the cooling keeps the candy.
13. Pocket under ListView panties

This, of course, not the pocket. The fact that the card is made from a special soft material different from the main fabric of the product. The side gussets are removed in the side seams, the rear edge is stitched internal seam. So as to make one inseam is technically impossible, the front edge of the gusset leave naprem. It is a kind of pocket that is not designed for storing anything.

14. Square patch with slots on backpacks

First, these stripes were only on travel backpacks: in the slot skipped ropes and carabiners. Urban backpacks they are sewn exclusively for decorative purposes.

15. The arrows on the trousers

Now they have become a mandatory attribute of trousers, but specially they had not been invented. The fact that in the XIX century, many enterprises in the garment industry producing for export. To the goods in transit would take less space the clothes before sending compress. As a result, fabrics formed creases, get rid of them was almost impossible. Had to put up with them.

16. POM-poms on the hats

Funny fluffy balls first appeared in the XVIII century on the hats of French sailors, who are tired of banging my head on the low ceiling of the ship and performances. Later, the POM-poms of different shapes and colors appeared on many other military hats. Thanks to them it was possible to identify which branches of the armed forces serve their owners.

17. Plug on the end of a hobby knife

There are several ways to break off the dull section of a hobby knife. You can risk your fingers doing it manually, you can use pliers, but you can take a closer look at the knife. At the end of his arm there is a cover which can be removed to put on unnecessary section of the blade and break it.

18. The hole in the palm of roulette

It is necessary in order to be able to measure large stretches alone. At the beginning of the segment is screwed into a screw, which with this hole clings to the end of the tape measure, and the master moves to the desired distance.

19. The number 57 on the HEINZ ketchup packaging

Besides the fact that this number is a part of the advertising slogan of Heinz (“57 varieties”), from these figures on the bottle there are practical benefits. If the ketchup does NOT flow, hit a couple of times with his hand over the numbers 57

20. The drawer under the oven

Usually keep pans. But in fact, this is called a warming drawer. According to the plan he needed in order to ready meals not cooled or warmed while in the oven preparing something else.