20 March – the most powerful day of execution of desires!…do it!

Techno 19 March, 2018

2018-03-19 11:04

20 March – the most powerful day of execution of desires!…do it!
The vernal equinox has a powerful energy force, all that we wish, will come true.

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The spring equinox is a powerful energetic force, all that we wish, will come true. Don’t miss a magical day and learn how to properly make a wish, it came true.

March 20, 2018 – the day with enormous magical power, which can be used to perform the most cherished desires. In astrology, the spring equinox is always special, strong, powerful start in the future, when cooperation with the energy of the Universe is very quickly bearing fruit. Special rituals will help you to support Space and wait for the dream.

Important nuances of the technique of execution of desires

Sitting alone and in silence with his thoughts. It is important that during the ritual you will not be distracted and do not interfere.

Light a candle (preferably red).

Prepare a pen (preferably with blue pencil or red pen) and a sheet of paper that you want to write only by hand!

9 consider the most cherished desires is a magic number. And write them on a sheet of paper beautiful, legible handwriting.

Outlining your dreams on paper, read them aloud. Saying every desire, do not rush, try to visualize these events in mind, figuratively, like it’s already happened.

Leave it on the Desk a sheet of paper with wishes and a lighted candle in a candlestick. The candle should burn out before the end (you do not have all the time, until the candle burns to be at the wish list). The ritual is complete when the dying flame of a candle.

The list, put it in a secret place that no one ever saw, and take care until the next spring equinox.

The spring equinox is very good for creating your own maps of desire – a collage of pictures or photos on a big sheet of paper your goals and dreams.