20 stores pot at the start for the SQC

News 17 March, 2018
  • Vincent Larin

    Friday, 16 march 2018 23:24

    Friday, 16 march 2018 23:24

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    The future of the québec Society of cannabis will have 20 branches to its early stages instead of 15 as the government had first announced.

    This is what was said by the president and chief executive officer of the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ), Alain Brunet, in front of the members of the board of trade of metropolitan Montreal on Friday.

    “That’s the way it is realistic,” said Mr. Brunet, adding that this is the future of the Crown corporation and not the government which decides the number of branches that will be open.

    The web site where Quebeckers will be able to buy their pot should also be launched on the same day of the opening of the shops, he added. The date is not fixed yet.

    Vestibules and accessories

    The president of the SAQ has also clarified what will the air for the future premises of the quebec Society of cannabis (SQC).

    They will have to have a storefront, will be approximately 2000 square feet and will have a vestibule where one can be “cartées” people who look under 18 years of age.

    “There are plenty of stores that sell the products in the back of a counter and which are very current, so one knows that one is capable of it,” said Mr. Brunet about the look of the shops.

    These branches will also sell accessories for smoking pot, but he must not expect to find stunning water pipes blown glass, according to Mr. Brunet.

    “We don’t want interfering too much in there, but […] we it’s going to be more of the amenities. We don’t want to compete with [the other shops of accessories for smoking] aggressively, ” he explained.

    – With Philippe Orfali