2017: more than 700 dogs intoxicated by cannabis in Quebec

News 15 March, 2018
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    QMI agency

    Thursday, 15 march 2018, 15:16

    Thursday, 15 march 2018, 15:16

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    LAVAL – Between 700 and 900 dogs in quebec have been poisoned by the cannabis in 2017, believes the veterinary medical Association of Québec (AMVQ).

    “Given that many owners of affected dogs may not have dared or considered it necessary to consult […], it is clear that the number of intoxications with cannabis had largely exceeded the thousand cases in 2017,” said the AMVQ, by press release on Thursday.

    Approximately 18 % of the illnesses suffered by dogs in the last year are due to the cannabis, behind the chocolate (31 %), and drugs for humans (26 %).

    The AMVQ expect that this number will increase this year, considering the legalization potential of the cannabis the next summer.

    Cats are less commonly affected by the ingestion of cannabis. Ingestions of poisonous plants (59 %), followed by the medicines for human (24 %) and rodenticides or insecticides (7.4 per cent) constitute the bulk of consultations in their case.

    The AMVQ, which considers the data “surprising”, invites all owners of dogs and cats to the greatest vigilance.

    To obtain these figures, the AMVQ a survey conducted in January and February 2018 with 249 veterinary doctors working in 150 offices, clinics, and veterinary hospitals.