2018 in Turkey called the year of Troy : In the World : Vladim

News 10 January, 2018

Turkey was the year of Troy, this statement was made policy in Ankara. In several localities of the country will take place of recreational activities. Will celebrate residents of Canakale and in the historic Three concerts.


According to the leaders of the state in Turkey has no oil, but the country is rich in culture. In the state intertwined the various civilizations of the past. Representatives of the administration of modern cities do focus on this. People have long been interested in historical monuments. This can be a good to earn. In Turkey in the year of Troy are planning to develop the tourism industry. In the state enough memorable places, so there are only organizational issues, deciding that the country’s coffers replenished with money.

In 2018 in Turkey are planning to hold entertainment events, concerts, excursions to historic areas. Universities will be engaged in the study of the interesting monuments of culture. Directors will shoot short films, telling about the developments in this area in earlier times.