21 Dec to planet Earth approaching asteroid Teros-939

News 21 December, 2017

Asteroid Teros-939 approaching Earth, and on 21 December at about 14:00 GMT will reach the planet’s atmosphere. Astronomers believe that there is no danger of a space object shall not be, and probably will not reach the earth’s surface. In the opposite case, the fragments of the celestial body will fall in the area of the waters of the Atlantic ocean.


Scientists announced the reason why the asteroid with a high probability will reach the world high speed flight and the relatively small size of the space object. According to preliminary data the American astronomers, the area of the asteroid will be only 200 square meters.

Approaching space object associated with the Mayan calendar, the repeated deciphering of which States that the Earth will perish on 21 December 2017. There is also a view that Teros-939 – not a asteroid, and a spaceship.