24 Sussex: Ottawa could also renovate other official residences

News 3 February, 2018
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    Saturday, February 3, 2018 17:31

    Saturday, February 3, 2018 17:31

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    OTTAWA | The federal government has put on ice its project of renovation of 24 Sussex, the official residence of the prime minister of Canada, during which he explores a broader strategy, and more expensive, that would also involve the rehabilitation of homes official leader of the opposition and the speaker of the House of Commons.

    Federal sources have confirmed the news to the daily newspaper, The Globe and Mail Friday, but declined to specify the options considered.

    “I can only confirm that the national capital Commission (NCC) is working with its federal partners to develop a plan for the future of the 24 Sussex Drive, which will allow the federal government to take a prudent decision and informed,” said Jean Wolff, spokesman of the NCC to the “Globe”.

    “More information, such as whether the plan will include or not the other official residences, will be available in time and place”, he added.

    In 2008, the report of the Office of the auditor general of Canada referred to the poor condition of the remains, an official of the canadian prime minister, and estimated $ 10 million cost of renovations needed. The same report estimated $ 2 million cost of repairs to the other four official residences of the government in the same area.

    The estimate of the work has changed a lot since because of the equipment necessary to ensure the safety of the prime minister and his family.

    In the fall of 2016, the minister of canadian Heritage Mélanie Joly had reported that the work at 24 Sussex, which is uninhabited since the fall of 2015 could rise to $38 million.

    On his arrival at power, Justin Trudeau had settled with his family at Rideau Cottage, a house located on the grounds of Rideau Hall, the official residence of the governor general in Ottawa.