$ 250 million: the taxi industry is given time to analyze

News 29 March, 2018
  • Matthew Payen

    Thursday, 29 march, 2018 18:19

    Thursday, 29 march, 2018 18:22

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    The taxi industry will postpone its planned general assembly on Tuesday, after the announcement earlier this week of the set-aside of $ 250 million in the provincial budget to compensate for the losses of the drivers caused by Uber.

    In a press release sent today to drivers, industry representatives explain that they want “to be able to properly analyze the situation, inform you and continue the negotiations”.

    They underline “the first step that the government is doing”, but also recall their “frustration about the Quebec government’s decision to extend the pilot project that allows Uber to continue to operate in Quebec.”

    “The legal challenge against the project-driver for Uber needs to continue”, is it stated in the press release.

    The general assembly of Tuesday was to allow the negotiations with the government and vote on possible actions to be carried out. No new date is specified for the time being.

    On Wednesday, The Newspaper joined four taxi drivers. Three of them have not hidden their disagreement with the government announcements.

    “I do not understand why the government is announcing a side that he wants me to compensate for the losses that I have Uber and the other he sends me his lawyers to challenge my action in justice”, lamented in particular the Dama Metellus, which was initiated in 2016 a class action against the québec government.