29-year-old model lost her legs because of a tampon

News 21 December, 2017

A California resident, 29-year-old model Lauren Wasser in 2012, survived the amputation of the right lower extremity. Now she may lose her left leg, and the reason for that tampon.


As it turned out, for several years, Lauren is experiencing severe pain. Once during a party model felt bad, but great value this is not provided, since decided, it was the flu. Nevertheless, friends took her home. Condition Vasser was even worse than I thought were friends. The girl became unconscious and lay until the arrival of the police, which caused her mother Lauren.

When the girl was taken to the hospital, the doctors said that to live with Lauren a few minutes left – all of her organs began to fail. It turned out that the tampon, which used the model during menstruation, triggered toxic shock. Doctors saved her, by entering into an artificial coma. It turned out that the girl has gangrene on his right leg, causing the limb had to be cut. Amputated surgeons and the toes of the left foot. However, the wound is not healing and the doctors now intend to cut off the entire left leg Vasser. The model spoke about his findings with a single purpose – to achieve a ban of dangerous tampons. The girl calls on the competent services to first test the products before releasing it to the market.