3 good reasons not to keep the Samsung Galaxy S3, the smartphone of Donald Trump!

Techno 27 January, 2017

The personal smartphone from Donald Trump would be a Galaxy S3. Released in 2012, the Samsung mobile seems to be obsolete in 2017. Do you have a doubt? The editor offers 3 good reasons not to keep it
Being the president of the world’s leading economic power does not mean being at the forefront of technology! That’s what Donald Trump, the new president of the United States who owns a Samsung Galaxy S3, would prove to us and use it personally. Released in 2012, the Korean smartphone is not a very good student in security. Victim of several malware, the ancestor of the Galaxy S7 (the Android version is available with Nougat Orange) is obsolete by its own constructor . If, unfortunately, like Donal Trump, you still possess this good old mobile, it is really time to change it.
The New York Times disclosed that Donald Trump always swung tweets White House from his “old Android phone non-sécurirsé” despite the ” protests of its staff” . While the President of the States would normally use a smartphone validated by the NSA, he would have decided to keep the Galaxy S3 for personal use. Basically, it will not play Pokemon Go, unless you type 2/3 tuto on the net. He will soon be ashamed to draw his Galaxy S3 in front of the big flagship of other heads of state. Besides, a 13 year old girl explained that “more you got a good iPhone, the more respect you” . So, imagine what one might think between adults.