30 months for one of the perpetrators of the gang rape

News 8 July, 2017
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    Pierre-François Blondeau is here accompanied by his lawyer, Yves Savard.

    Yanick Fish

    Friday, July 7 2017 20:35

    Friday, July 7 2017 20:35

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    VICTORIAVILLE | A singer of electro-pop was sentenced Friday to 30 months ‘ imprisonment for his involvement in a gang rape that lasted hours during a rave in October 2014.

    The singer of the duo Midaz and Ellie, Pierre-François Blondeau, and two friends have had sex repeatedly with a 15 year old girl, while they acted as facilitators of the evening for 15-25 years.

    The actions have been committed in the complex Sacred Heart at the Hostel, Helen of Victoriaville, as well as in the car of one of the co-accused.

    The justice François Huot of the superior Court has thus rejected the suggestion that common lawyers who felt that one year’s imprisonment would have been justified considering the acts for which Blondeau had been convicted.

    “Flippant Attitude “

    The two accomplices, Dominic Vezina and Jean-Christophe Martin, have already been sentenced to five years in prison each. Unlike them, the jury was not required Blondeau responsible for having caused injury to the victim.

    The trial took place around the consent of the victim at the time of the facts. It was 15 years old in October 2014, while the age of sexual consent is 16 years of age.

    “The sexual acts posed are particularly intrusive. Regardless of the enthusiasm of the victim, the accused could have put a stop to his actions at any time, ” said the magistrate at the time of rendering his verdict.

    The judge Huot has been criticized by Pierre-François Blondeau to have adopted a flippant attitude during her testimony, using a playful tone several times, as if he had taken the serious accusations lightly.

    Career setbacks

    The singer, 24-year-old, who has made the first part of LMFAO in 2012 at the Festival d’été de Québec, has had to put his career on hold following the filing of charges in order to focus on the musical production.

    The three men in the Quebec city region have inflicted on the victim, bruises everywhere on the body, as well as lesions in the genital area.

    The victim had several sequelae following sexual assault. She had consumed a lot of alcohol and drugs during the party, which has impaired his ability to consent.

    During her testimony, the victim claimed to have had a sexual desire high, and then memory loss the night of the event.

    She has also struggled to accurately describe the abuse that he has subjected the trio of accused and did not know where she was, when she returned to it the next morning.