3000 taxi drivers call out to Quebec

News 1 February, 2018
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    Thursday, 1 February 2018 21:00

    Thursday, 1 February 2018 21:03

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    While the taxi industry pleads its cause with the government in the folder of the loss of the value of the permits, a new player has expressed its intention to participate in the working group.

    Taxis du Grand Montréal, a new grouping of taxi companies, which have approximately 3,000 cars, was sent on Wednesday a letter to the minister of Transport, André Fortin, in this sense.

    Thursday morning, the collection has obtained confirmation that he would be able to take part in the discussions. This grouping has already know that the minister of Transport that he was opposed “to what the working group focuses on the rental dynamic of permits, an idea promoted by Taxelco to legalize Uber on the territory of Quebec.” Note that Taxelco is the company founded by businessman Alexandre Taillefer.

    Marc-Antoine Cloutier, chief negotiator for the partnership for the modernisation of the taxi industry, do not see an evil eye the arrival of the new player, the Taxis in the Greater Montreal area, to the table of discussion.

    “This is an industry that has players who all want to add their grain of salt to the discussion. I don’t see that as a bad eye to see their involvement, it is even a good new. I want to be on the committee to fall at the right place and that people share the information they have to share it among other on the fall of the value of permits. Come to the table of discussions, but collaborate in good faith to the land a process that is important”, added Mr. Cloutier.