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Techno 30 March, 2018

2018-03-30 15:13

4 crafty ways that you bitch fake news
What looks (and reads) like it might be filled with lies, if you look closely, says neuroscientist Daniel J. Levitin.

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Over the past 5 years we have created more information from people than in the entire history of mankind. Unfortunately, quite often near to accurate information is an incredible number of false. It’s websites, videos, books or the media. This is not a new problem. False information was documented in biblical times and in ancient Greece. Exceptional problem that appeared before us today, is that this false information has increased. She devilishly intertwined with current information on the Internet, making it difficult its separation. And false information is a heterogeneous, it concerns people of all social and educational strata and appear in places where you wouldn’t expect to see her.

Here are 4 ways that disinformation can hide in a conspicuous place, informs Rus.Media.

Lies hidden between the truth

When it comes to tricking people, one of the most effective methods is to provide a range of proven facts, and then add one or two about. Those that you report are true and correct in every fearless who choose to check them will come to understand this. So you just add one or two false facts, and many people helplessly follow you.

Please note the following 9-step argument:
1. Water consists of hydrogen and oxygen.
2. Mark the water molecule – H2O.
3. Our body consists of over 60% water.
4. Human blood is 95% water.
5. The brain is 75% water.
6. In many places in the world is contaminated water.
7. Less than 1% of the world’s water is suitable for drinking.
8. You can be sure in high quality of water you drink only if you buy bottled water.
9. Leading researchers in the field of health is recommended to drink bottled water, and most of them are doing the same.

One of the seven statements is true. The eighth statement does not continue the logical chain, and the ninth statement, well…who are these leading scientists? And what does it mean that they drink bottled water? This may concern cases when they are offered. Does this mean that they avoid all other forms of water? There is a fairly wide gap between these possibilities.

The fact that it is bottled is no safer and no healthier than tap water in developed countries, and in some cases harmful because of sloppy regulation. This is based on reports from many reputable sources such as the Council for the defence of natural resources, Mayo Clinic and consumer reviews.

Of course, there are exceptions (e.g. flint, Michigan). However, the whole pseudo-argument of the defenders of health, as shown by the above are suggestions, not holds water.

Masquerade websites with fake names

In 2014, during the race of congressmen in Florida, local offices of the Republican party created a website with the name of his opponent, Democrat Alexandra sink to lead people astray and to assure that they sponsored it. In fact, the money came into her rival’s Motto Joules. The website contribute.sinkforcongress2014.com used the color scheme of sink and noted its color photos, very similar to what was used at its present site. On the website of the Republicans, it was stated that the money will be used in order to defeat sink, but people do not too take the time to read these things carefully. More likely a fake one striking photo of sink and the title “Alexander sink Congress”. Not to be defeated, the Democrats responded to this by copying this tactic and creating a website www.JollyForCongress.com.

Name MartinLutherKing.org it might sound like the name of website on which information about the leader of the civil rights. Because it is a site of type a.JRT, you might think that there is no ulterior motive of reward, and the site claims that it offers “a real historical overview of the” life of Martin Luther king. Wait a minute. The old joke says: “How do you know that you cheated? Because they begin with the phrase, quite frankly.” Honest people (or web sites) do not need to make such entry.

If you read carefully, you will see that MartinLutherKing.org contains a lot of distorted information, quotations, which do not relate to the topic and biased rants. Who manages the website? Stormfront, white supremacist, hater neo-Nazi groups. If the site seems suspicious to you, then scroll it until, until you find out who owns it. Another quick way to check out the website: to Conduct a Google search to see who else is associated with this page. For example, “link:”, then the website address and Google will display all sites that are linked to the site.

Numeric data that does not correspond to the situation

Even if we consider the fatal cases of terrorist attacks in the United States of 9/11, air transportation remains the safest form of transportation, immediately followed by transport by train. The chances of dying while flying or on a train is close to zero. However, there are still some people avoid planes, when you see statistics like this: in 2014 during the fall the plane died more people than in 1960.

Statistics are correct but it is not the most relevant statistics to consider. It seems that the number of deaths in planes anymore because in 2014, it was a lot more flights than in the 1960s. If you really want to find out how safe is air travel, don’t look at the total number of deaths, it does not help. You need to look at the number of deaths – number of deaths per number of miles that flew the plane, or something that compares the initial conditions.

Statements based on false sources

Unscrupulous writers often rely on the fact that most people don’t bother reading notes or tracking citations. Perhaps the company wants to create a website to assure people that their skin appeared to slow down the aging process by 10 years. Thus, an employee writes an article and its flavor notes of formal and on the web sites which are absolutely not related to the topic. Or they point to authoritative articles on relevant sites, reviewed by aging or dermatology. Even in this case, quotes from the article, which is still nothing to say about the product. When a product looks too good to be true, You should take a look to confirm its authenticity before doing anything further.

The promise of the Internet is that it is a great democratic force that allows everyone to Express their opinion and to access to all information in the world. Combine these two properties and you will get a virtual world of information and disinformation that coexist together, looking at you as twins. There is only one difference between them: one will help you and the other hurt.

Tasks to figure out which to choose lies with us all, and it requires careful reasoning and what we are always short of time. Critical thinking is not what we use when we have a problem, and then throw it. It requires increasing of our knowledge when new information comes to light. The time spent in the evaluation of allegations, not just well-spent time. It should be considered part of an implicit burden that we all have created.