4 tender Zodiac sign among men

Techno 28 March, 2018

2018-03-28 21:58

4 tender Zodiac sign among men
Gentle man — the dream of every woman. Find out whether your partner in the “Quartet” of such signs.

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In 4th place of the ranking men of the sign Libra, informs news, Ukrmedia. The representatives of this Zodiac sign — a great family man. For them, the family is the quintessence of care, love and warmth. So they are willing to go to great lengths to make the woman was really nice and cozy in their family home. Libra is a very passionate nature, but their passion is soft, gentle and romantic. They, as true seekers of harmony in the relationship and not just happy to give and receive, because they themselves also need to be sensitive and affectionate manifestations from the second half.

Male Crabs are settled in 3 steps the hit parade of affectionate signs of the Zodiac. They are soft ready to embrace his beloved all my free time. Work, negotiations, important things — not a hindrance to sincerity and sensuality of Cancer. As soon as he gets a free moment, he’d have to send your sweetheart a heartwarming text message or a voice message. Cancers fall in love in earnest and continue faithful to the last. These men are ready to deliver your partner maximum pleasure with them. Relationships with Cancers is always a fireworks display of affection.

Second place is taken by men of the sign Taurus. Representatives of this sign love to give my partner affection in the form of gifts, surprises, tokens, pleasant meetings, foreplay in intimacy and beyond. They generate this energy, which is ready to share with loved ones, but so harmonious, I love not only to give but also to receive warmth in return. These men are capable of sincere feelings and trust relationships without bias in the direction of tyranny or sacrifice.

The most affectionate today, men can rightly be considered the representatives of the sign Pisces. Perhaps it is they who deserve the title of most generous affection partners. These men are naturally very gentle and sensual. They are aimed at taking care of the woman as a delicate flower and would never betray a loved one. Representatives of this water sign is very tactile — like tender touches, kisses, hugs, sex. In the intimacy I prefer the smoothness, ready to give very much, even though they need warmth.