4 things a man will never forgive

Techno 18 January, 2018

2018-01-17 15:46

4 things a man will never forgive
Of course, life on our planet is ruled by the power of love, and often for her sake men are willing to forgive almost everything, turning a blind eye on many things despite a gold wedding ring.

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At the same time, women often go quite far in their intentions and plans for their implementation. And it will continue as long as it will not stop people, reports Rus.Media.

So how to identify that fine line over which it is extremely dangerous to cross.

4 things a man will never forgive :

1. Cheating

There are things that men do not forgive, and according to polls is treason. This concept can be invested with different connotations and meaning. Or sex or emotional cheating. At a time when a wife cheats on her husband, she makes it clear to him that he wasn’t important to her, and all joint relationships are just an illusion. For men this is just below the belt. He also won’t be able to forgive if she would put himself above the joint relationship. Nature itself has laid down that the man is the head of the family, even if my wife’s salary is several times higher.

2. Female stupidity

Men in most cases simply can not tolerate women’s stupidity. The myth that guys like stupid, but beautiful, has long become history and not so popular. If the guy sees not just cute, but also intelligent and erudite girl, it flatters him.

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3. Failure

Often men long offended by the refusal of intimacy. Especially when it comes to the most interesting and then – “I’m tired .” or the classic “terrible headache”.

4. Comparison

It is also worth noting that at one point, a man will never forgive you for the unfortunate comparison with another man. A man should be your one and only, with the best in the world. And it is not necessary to convince him otherwise.

The simple truth

In General, it is necessary to remember one simple truth: a man should behave the way you want to behave with you. You should learn to understand it, and if you are constantly trying to hurt or offend the partner, at least for a moment try to put yourself in his place.