4 things a woman can never forgive a man

Techno 17 January, 2018

2018-01-17 11:14

4 things a woman can never forgive a man
Our advice to you, dear men: not to part with loved ones, it’s worth the time to refuse from bad habits, learn to understand women and know the things they can’t forgive.

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So, here are 4 things that a woman can never forgive :

1. Friend

Women just hate when men begin to let go of in the direction of their friends jokes with subtext. The woman doesn’t like when people say, think or look at her friends, and if we think of them as the object of a sexual nature – it smells like roasted. Women themselves can sometimes start to question a loved one about one of your friend. Smart representatives of the male half always ready to answer: “who is this?” If a man paints friend describes something without scandal will not manage, according to women this feels like cheating, reports Rus.Media.

2. Visiting strip clubs

There are women who still goes cohonina strip or not. But most of the weakness of men just don’t understand and are averse to such a pastime. The woman does not understand why her husband goes there, even if the reason lies in the friends and great beer. The reason for the hostility is plain jealousy, as any stripper is the same woman, and a beautiful woman.

3. Questions of the type “to me”

Men,when in love, much like the grandparents and have fond memories of the past, they live them. For example to stun a question: “What happened when you went on tour to Carinthia with Alexey Andreevich nkelige plant?” Similar issues help a man to understand not only the benefits of their girls, but also to predict the emancipation of her life. Yeah, not worth arguing, sex is natural, but if such questions are overly Intrusive. A woman such questions simply do not survive. Most of the girls present believes that such an interest says about the perception of her as an object of erotic fantasy and not as a complete person.

4. Porn on PC

It is no secret that pornographic material plan in our time is quite normal and accessible. A couple of clicks and mysterious world of sighs and poisoning substances in front of you. Women don’t understand why the save folder or video of such a plan on your computer. Is there this burning need? But if he tries different ways to hide it is just silly. Girls to endure such can’t.