4 tips and tricks for your Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)

Techno 16 February, 2017

The Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 has successfully passed the testing stage of our editorial staff. Today, we are interested in its software features, between tips and tricks.
The Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 delights us. This smartphone tutoie perfection, while being affordable. After our test, it imposed itself as the best alternative to the Galaxy S7 . Powerful and stand-alone, Samsung’s new terminal is equipped with two 16 megapixel photo sensors and can boast of being perfect for selfies . The editorial decided to take stock of the software features of this device. Those who are used to consulting meltyStyle will not be surprised, while those who plan to buy it will spare themselves some tedious searches on the web.
The king of selfies
On the new Galaxy A5 2017, one can capture a selfie by simply presenting the palm of the hand in front of the sensor . It’s really cool and pretty practical. And as if that was not enough, you can access a filter system by dragging the screen to the left . Not to mention the Selfie Panorama mode which is really nice for the group photos. Only regret, the disappearance of the optical stabilizer that could be found on the Galaxy A5 2016.
Always On Display
As you should know, the Always On Display allows you to display your notifications on your smartphone’s screen saver, which is supported by Samsung’s AMOLED panel. But what you do not know is that it is possible to customize the information displayed on your screen saver . For example, you can change the type of clock and calendar, just as you can add images in oklm background.
Display number
The Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 incorporates technology allowing it to identify malicious phone numbers or spam . Once activated in call settings, this feature will allow you to identify callers and unsaved message senders on the call screen, in the log, and in the messages application.
Share a WiFi connection
It is a feature on which Samsung has very little communication , but, it could prove very convenient when a WiFi network drops us. The Galaxy A5 2017 allows the sharing of WiFi connection , provided a small adjustment is made in the “mobile access point and modem” settings. Nothing better to join the useful to the pleasant.