5 most strong male names

Techno 21 March, 2018

2018-03-21 16:23

5 most strong male names
The boy called one of these names will grow up to be a real man.

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Special care must be exercised to select a name for the boy, because some of them give its owner courage and strength since birth. Parents always need to remember that, as they lay in their tiny baby a real man’s rod (of course, a decent upbringing of his child in this case has not been canceled).


In ancient Greek the name means – protector of the people. Thus, naming the baby Alexander, you automatically give it a strong energy that is able to give his “owner” lack of confidence, incredible stubbornness that can open any door, “with” its owner a true sense of heroism.

In addition, the name Alexander helps its owner not just to deal with stress in life, and become a mega-resistant to all negative factors, skillfully minimizing life’s difficulties and stress.


Based in ancient Greek roots, the name is treated as “courageous”, “strong”, “brave”, and its owner has always been associated with willpower, self-confidence, unbelievable stamina. Giving the child a name, prepare to that the kid has in childhood will not be too calm, but he often will delight in successes and achievements.

This is a very fun and funny child who continues in adult life, to joke, to entertain others, going through life with a big smile on his face. Andrew is a big fan of reading, so anywhere you can catch him in the act.

Victor Even in ancient Rome, the winner was greeted with cries of “hail the Victor”, which means “long live the winner.” Eventually, from common names, it turned into a proper name, and first name they were allowed only the sons of clergymen. Nowadays it has become quite common, and called by that name boys everywhere and always strive to be only the first, the second place – their fate.

Possessing a strong energy, Victor most inflammatory, but enough to cool down quickly. With a sense of romanticism these men endowed with the minimum, one can even say deprived, but their inherent adventurism, often pushing for reckless actions. However, Victor like no other, endowed with the ability to analyze their own mistakes, due to which with age become only wiser.

Since childhood visible sense of purpose and desire to reach the goal, go with the owner of this name and into adulthood. With such child’s parents is very easy since he rarely brings problems.


The meaning of this name is “Lord of the world”. An adult man with this name is always an indisputable authority, in any environment, appreciate and respect him, listen to his opinion. But little Volodya just the opposite – growing great visionary and a dreamer. Unquestioning obedience, you’re unlikely that’ll happen because from a very tender age he defends his point of view and acts only as it sees fit. Since learning he develops the medium, but the makings of leadership manifest themselves in full swing at school. He knows exactly what he wants and how to achieve it.

However, parents should be strict discipline in relation to the child. If they are not able to stop his teenage “feats”, in adult life, thanks to the explosive character, Vladimir turn into a rather dissolute men with high self-esteem. If relatives send young men-Vladimir in the right direction, the result of such education will receive competent, self-confident man, which is easy and pleasant to communicate with.


The translation of this name with the ancient Greek already pulls strong energy of her husband – “sir”, “Lord”. He seeks to be first in everything, seeking success in their careers, often in their own business dreams from an early age.

Little Kirill independent, patient with any job, but with one condition – he needs a clear goal, therefore, parents should learn how to motivate your child, or you will find yourself that the house grows a little lazy. In childhood, problems with Cyril never happens. This is completely conflict-free child that he can easily “live” in any company. These qualities will stay with them into adulthood – it’s easy to contact, knows how start conversation, finding the “right” people.

For Cyril it is important the opinions of others, therefore, despite the fact that he chooses a car or a wife, he waits like a society along with its choice. However, during the life of the owner of the name is fairly bright and eccentric personality. In different situations Cyril behaves differently and even the parents can not always with the exact warranty guarantee that he will do in this situation is so and not otherwise.