5 places in the gym where you can get an infection

Techno 20 January, 2018

2018-01-19 18:07

5 places in the gym where you can get an infection
To sports brought only benefits, we should not neglect the rules of hygiene.

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Common mats, sports equipment and showers – the perfect environment for bacteria, reports Rus.Media. Here is a list of the most dangerous places in the gym and tips that will help to avoid infection.


Treadmills are very popular at any gym. During training they are exposed to sweat, saliva and other nasty things. Studies have shown that on the treadmill in almost a hundred times more bacteria than tap public soul. Therefore, before training it is advisable to wipe the handle antibacterial wet wipe.

Free weights

As in the case with a treadmill, wipe the surface with a damp cloth before and after exercise, and at the end be sure to wash your hands.

Exercise Mat

You step on the Mat feet, sweat, and then skachivaya and forget about it until the next workout. You can’t do that. To prevent the breeding of bacteria, the Mat need to turn only after it is completely dry. In addition, it must be treated regularly with antibacterial spray and wash in the machine.


Many people, before you dive into the pool, not taking a shower. Their sweat, cosmetics and other cells of the substance mixed with the chlorine in the pool water inactivate. In addition, the pool can contain microorganisms that cause diarrhea, infections and skin rashes. So every time after you swim take a shower and wash with soap and water.

Locker room and shower

To avoid being infected with fungus, walking around the locker room and soul, only in sneakers and always bring a clean towel. After a workout, it should be folded into a disposable package and immediately wash or at least dry on arrival home.

And remember, elementarnih observing the rules of personal hygiene, you can avoid serious skin (and not only) diseases. Take care of yourself and be healthy!