5 reasons why we spend money to nowhere

Techno 15 December, 2017

2017-11-16 15:50

5 reasons why we spend money to nowhere
What to do with it?.

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The floor of the Cabinet things that are virtually unworn. An annual subscription to a fitness club, where we went a month. Mountains of products that we don’t have time to eat and throw away. A senseless waste happens to everyone, but for some, it is a strange habit, reports Rus.Media.

Poor childhood

80?90 years of the life of many families was difficult. Most of us grew up in poverty. Someone didn’t have a bike, someone wore the same shoes three years in a row. Sometimes it does not play any role, sometimes provoking strong emotions: shame, anger at parents, the envy of the peers. We particularly vulnerable during adolescence when it is important to be a tough guy or a fashionable girl. I remember feeling a terrible sense of shame before the “grooms”, coming with his parents from the country on orange Muscovite, and my friend experienced in high school, not being able to dress for a disco. In adulthood you may want to compensate for that lack. In our closet appear a few tenths of shoes, but deep down, we as before feel embarrassment over the appearance in the eighth grade.

Emotional emptiness

Habit fill the emotional void, the loneliness, the discomfort or anxiety of material goods. A familiar example for many women. Leave from work. Had an argument with a colleague or poorly made at the meeting. The mood is ugly. Going to the Mall, buy a dress. Becomes not as bad. Most likely, this dress we won’t wear, because it is the wrong color, or at home already have two of these. But at this point we, as an addict, I need a dose of joy, endorphins, positive. Of practicality we do not think. Wanted we certainly do not dress, to talk, to share emotions with those who will support us. And triggered a pattern of behavior acquired in childhood. If the parents have expressed their love for us that has fed, clothed, shod-bought toys, when we are sick, we take care of ourselves the same way: buy yourself clothes, cosmetics, Burger or coffee.

Friendship around things

We buy fancy stuff, so we had something to talk about with others. “Friends around things”. It looks like this: “Oh, you have a new iPhone! Where you bought (a)? And how is it different from the old? I also want this. That will go in November to new York and bring him out.” Itself is not bad, if not all our communication is reduced to such topics, the discussion of gadgets, travel, restaurants.

Killing time

We don’t know ourselves, our needs and values. If from childhood we didn’t listen to their desires, then we need to learn. The ability to feel, recognize your impulses formed when the parents give the child the right choice. Allow you to select a section, ask what he wants for Breakfast. If no experience, we don’t know what makes us happy. Buy everything I saw from friends. Do everything like everyone else. For example, we Wake up Saturday morning, having no idea what we want. Time as it is necessary to kill. We go as a family to the Mall.

Values of the consumer society

The consumer society puts pressure on us. Advertising generates new needs. From all sides you hear: “buy”, “let yourself”, “you deserve it”. Social network shout: “get some Rest, be stylish (stylish), sociable”. We rush into the General maelstrom. Sometimes it ends up ridiculous. Winter. All go skiing. Photos from the sun-drenched slopes. We also want to be there. Buy ski suit, helmet, shoes. I take a vacation. Choose where to go. And here it is, the long-awaited vacation! While skiing, we feel that all the hate, remember that hate the cold and generally wanted to lie on the beach. But the vacation is used, the money is spent, fun is zero.

We, as shoppers in the store who ask for 300 grams of care, kilogram of attention and piece approval.

Funny. Sad. Absurd.

Need to get out of this consumer trap. For this you need to learn to feel and understand what makes us happy.

What to do with it?

Woke up in the morning ask yourself “What do I want?” Start with simple things. What do you want for Breakfast? Porridge or scrambled eggs? During the day ask yourself the question: “What do I want right now?” Came out from work. Think about how you want to get home? On foot, by metro or taxi.

Arrange General cleaning of your desires. What is your dream? We have desires that we drag with us for years — since school or University. They often are out of date. I’m at school want to learn to play volleyball. ‘ve been on this desire. Recently thought, if I knew how to play, where and how often I would do it. Most likely, once in a hundred years. Ruthlessly throw away the desires that are made for the future: “I Want this dress to when you get to the party, it was what not to wear”. Delete. “I want her husband to, when the children have grown, I wouldn’t be alone”. Delete. It is the voice of alarm. The desire is only our body right at this moment.

Make the practice where you will be in contact with you: yoga, evening walks, crafts or anything else that immerses you in a meditative state.

If you are very busy, slowed down. Not having any peace, it is very difficult to get a feel for what you want. Remove something from the tight schedule, give up a new project, trainings, meetings, business. Let your life will have free time.

When you’re sad, you’re angry, worry, be in it, do not hurry to move, to entertain themselves, to eat discomfort or to put out his new thing. Confess your feeling. Tell yourself: “Now this, this happens”. Let’s see what’s out there. Maybe you’re lonely. Maybe it’s time to reconsider the circle of friends. Maybe you hate the job. Don’t be afraid, you will not fall into a depression, the emotion will flood you. She lives a maximum of 20 minutes. Soon life will flow on.

If you feel that you do not cope culminating in the usual template is little “run and spend money”, go to a specialist coach, psychologist. Let it help you to understand yourself, to understand their desires.

Realizing what brings us joy, fills us, we may find that you need much less money, a different job or love, friendship hugs and warmth instead of endless shopping. Then there will be a chance to change their lives and become happier.