5 reasons why you shouldn’t run in conventional running shoes

Techno 13 March, 2018

2018-03-13 22:07

5 reasons why you shouldn’t run in conventional running shoes
To run is fun

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Everyday sneakers in which do you go for a walk or for bread, not suitable for running from an anatomical point of view (and even a special insole will not save). One for the comfort runners need more support of the foot, others wide the front part of the pads. Among running shoes, which today are many, you can pick up those “magic shoes” that are right for you, reports Rus.Media.

Running shoes are designed to reduce the shock of each step to prevent potential injuries. It’s so nice to run like on clouds, starting with every step, like on a trampoline. Therefore, designers are developing revolutionary new foam for the soles of the sneakers that provides cushioning and support the foot where it is most needed runners.

Running shoes are always light, because every pound affects the speed or duration of the done distance. Here you wear for a run or two of iron iron in the form of favorite shoes — be prepared for the fact that his legs tire quickly, and on ligaments and joints will drop additional load. You need it?

During the run to breathe correctly needs not only you, but also your legs. Modern technologies allow the top running Shoe to be breathable and do not leave moisture inside. In such running sneakers will be comfortable, and to remove the house — not ashamed (because the Princess in “the magic slipper” feet should smell exclusively of lavender).

Nabegov running shoes have a lot of seams, which might not bring discomfort when walking, but will begin to RUB his leg with more intense running, especially if the foot loose. Suggest to run in the soft “marshmallow” and not in cast iron irons. Then the race will be only pleasure and benefit.