54-year-old virgin told what sex is

News 18 December, 2017

The Guardian posted in social networks anonymous letter 54-year-old virgin, who shared that for more than half a century, keeps its virginity. The woman admitted that she was only interested in men older than 60 years.


The woman said that he considers sex without feelings is meaningless.
Spinster, said that until 30 years she was strongly against intimacy before marriage. She is confident that she will find a soulmate whom he can trust. 54-year-old virgin said that she lived with a man, but to the intimacy they have never reached.

Spinster, shared, writes Version.Info that once, 10 years ago, two friends offered her intimacy. But after several failures friends thought that she was a lesbian. But this version was about – a middle-aged virgin have tried to check it out.
The woman said that at the moment she is interested in men aged 60 years.