6 things to know about the G7

News 25 March, 2018
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    Martin Lavoie and
    Jean-François Racine

    Sunday, 25 march, 2018 00:00

    Sunday, 25 march, 2018 00:00

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    The leaders of the G7 will meet on 8 and 9 June in La Malbaie. The summit is going to cost at least $ 600 million to the federal government, of which a good share for the security. The Journal offers you an overview of the preparations.

    At the Mansion in a helicopter

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    The RCMP confirms that heads of State will arrive by helicopter ” in the perimeter red around the Manoir Richelieu. According to information that is not confirmed, a heliport will be built in one of the parking of the hotel. The flight distance between Bagotville, and the hotel is a little over 100 km in a straight line. The airport of Charlevoix will also be put to contribution. According to the website of the airports Council of Quebec, 1000 military personnel will be present during three weeks at the airport in Charlevoix, where work safety are currently underway. The airport is located about fifteen km from the Manor by road or 8 km to flight of bird. In this regard, the RCMP only confirms that the airport was requisitioned by the RCMP and the army, and that it will not be used to transport people from the entourage ” of the participants.

    A fence nearly$4 Million

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    A huge closing of$ 3.8 Million is going to surround the Manoir Richelieu up to the river at the G7 Summit. The works are already very advanced. The whole construction must be completed before April 30. The RCMP has stated that the fence will not be like the one used at the Summit of the Americas in Quebec city in 2001, which was a barricade anchored in concrete blocks. It will take at least a month for the uninstall after the Summit. The fence will serve to protect the whole of the Manor and dignitaries, with openings in some places for the visitors. Fences purchased for the now-defunct Formula racing electric of Montreal will also be used to delineate the restricted area around the Manoir Richelieu.

    Casino and golf club closed

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    The Casino of Charlevoix and the Club de golf Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu will not be accessible during the G7 Summit. They will be closed at the end of may. The casino could be used for the needs of the media. According to the Office of summit management, the government of Canada and the Casino de Charlevoix are still in discussion regarding the use of the premises during the Summit. The companies that will suffer negative impacts will be compensated by the canadian government. Some of the residents and workers of La Malbaie will have, on their side, get a certification.

    Destination Bagotville

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    It is the airport of Bagotville, in Saguenay, the planes of the great leaders of this world will land. Bagotville has a mixed-use, civilian and military. Being less busy than the Jean-Lesage airport of Quebec – which also goes for the region of Saguenay – it is easier to control and the arrival of dignitaries would have less impact on the regular activities. It is quite suitable for large aircraft, its track, the longest measuring 10 000 feet, 1,000 more than the longer of Quebec. The airport of Charlevoix, Saint-Irénée, can only accommodate planes as that of the president Trump. Air Force One, a Boeing 747-200B, requires in the best conditions a runway 7000 feet long, of Charlevoix, in fact, 4500.

    Under high security

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    The RCMP will oversee the massive security part of the G7, through the GIS, the integrated security unit. In addition to RCMP officers, the group is composed of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ), Service de police de la Ville de Québec (SPVQ), the Department of public safety of the City of Saguenay (package ssps) and the canadian armed Forces. The firm of security Agents in Quebec will be put to contribution to certain places and points of search. The GIS adds collaborate with many other partners such as Transport Canada and the City of La Malbaie. The GIS does not specify the exact number of police officers involved, but speaks of ” a few thousand “. The partners of the RCMP will be called to control the road network and to ensure the security of convoys.

    The manifs to provide

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    The activists prepared to disrupt the activities of the summit of the G7 are already well-organized to invade Quebec. A free expression zone will be established on a vacant lot near the Musée de Charlevoix in La Malbaie, but the majority of the observers anticipate more noise in the capital. A group has even produced a guide to coping with chemical weapons by police officers. The RRAG7 calls for a convergence towards Quebec city on Thursday, June 7 and a day of disruption of the activities of the G7, on Friday 8 June.