6 women scientists who changed the course of history

Techno 12 February, 2018

2018-02-12 11:14

6 women scientists who changed the course of history
Among the scientists worldwide still more men, but women’s contribution is invaluable!

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Despite the spread of feminism, the struggle for women’s rights, yet equality between the sexes yet… And it’s not just about the Muslim world, in civilized countries, in the academic world women are more rare than the norm. Despite this, women’s achievements are no less important for the achievements of their male colleagues. Note, the female researcher was not in the last century, when their rights have begun to equalize the rights of men. Every age had its own outstanding women scientists, reports Rus.Media.

Gata Alexandria

Years of life: 370-415.

Industry: mathematics, astronomy, mechanics

This Hypatia imagine our contemporaries

If still for women scientists sometimes dare look askance, then just imagine how it was 300 years! In the ancient world women were few who were engaged in science. This was believed to be exclusively the work of men.

However Gate of Alexandria, who received knowledge from the father, was one of the greatest scientists of his time! Her father is philosopher and mathematician Theon – raised girl myself, Hypatia’s mother died in childbirth. Perhaps that is what prompted the father to pass on their knowledge to her daughter.

Gata engaged in the calculation of astronomical tables. She also wrote commentaries to the works of Apollonius and Diophantus, but they have not survived. The woman enjoyed great popularity and respect. She took an active part in the life of the city, and has lectured in the Alexandrian school.

Unfortunately, she was killed by Christian fanatics. Since Gate he became a patron of science, which protects it from the onslaught of religion. Agree, the issue is relevant to the present day…

Maria Sklodowska-Curie

Years of life: 1867 – 1934

Branch: physics, chemistry

Science was also the husband of Mary, the daughter continued the work of parents

Perhaps the most famous female scientist is Maria Sklodowska-Curie. An outstanding scientist, the founder of the science of radioactivity, double Nobel prize winner!

Maria Sklodowska-Curie investigated radioactivity in tandem with her husband Pierre Curie. However, they did not use any protection… We in the modern world understand how dangerous was their research. In the end, Maria had to lose his life, she developed chronic radiation sickness, which led to cancer.

However, the discovery of the scientist is incredibly important. The first Nobel prize in physics she got paired with her husband. But after 2 years, received the prize in chemistry, however, this time only awarded Sklodowska-Curie.

The daughter of scientists – Irene – continued their business. And also received the Nobel prize in physics.

By the way, Maria Sklodowska-Curie, is related to Lviv Polytechnic University. She spent the lecture. And through the League of Nations contributed to the provision of financial assistance to the Polytechnic. And helped to get an internship in Europe and promising scientists from Lviv.

Rosalind Franklin

Years of life: 1920-1958.

Field: Biophysics

Male colleagues tried to downplay the merits of Rosalind

We all know what DNA. However, few people know that he actually discovered the DNA of English scientist Rosalind Franklin. Note, for a long time she remained in the shadows, all the merits attributed to her colleagues: Francis Crow and James Watsonb.

She got a picture of DNA through x-ray. In fact, on the basis of the achievements of her male colleagues have derived a hypothesis of the structure of the DNA double helix. By the way, Crick and Watson received the Nobel prize research. Rosalind died of cancer 4 years before in a very young age, she was only 37…

By the way, this is not all the achievements of the scientist. She also managed to make a contribution to the study of coal and graphite. Of great importance to science was the study of viruses, particularly the polio virus.

Although colleagues Franklin recognized the right of women to work as scientists, they were trying to downplay her role and achievements… Fortunately, justice prevailed and achievements of the scientist no longer diminish.

Gedi Lamar

Years of life: 1914-2000.

Field: Biophysics

An incredible actress and was seriously engaged in science

This incredible and beautiful actress has proved that beauty of the mind is not a hindrance. Gedi was called the most beautiful woman in Europe, however, her mathematical abilities impressed!

Her invention (together with composer George Antejjl) was necessary for wireless communication from the pre-computer era until today! Today her invention is used in mobile phones, Wi-Fi, GPS.

She also patented the invention, which can be used to control torpedoes in the distance.

Gedi Lamar enters Inventors Hall of Fame. And to the day of her birth to coincide with the Day of inventors in the three countries.

By the way, the father of the inventor originally from Lviv!

Kara Deidra McCullough

Year of birth: 1991

Industry: nuclear physics

This girl’s special, it brings together participation in beauty pageants and working as a physicist

Modern beauty, too much! It proved the winner of the beauty contest Miss USA 2017 adorable Kara deidra McCullough. Girl majoring in nuclear physicist and works at the nuclear regulatory Commission of the United States.

McCullough graduated from the University of South Carolina with a bachelor of science in radiochemistry. While still a student, she became a member of the American chemical society, Health Physics Society and American nuclear society. She is also a member of the charitable society “Golden key”.

I think the great discoveries of the girl is yet to come! And while I admire the combination of beauty and intelligence.

Marina Wasowska

Year of birth: 1984

Industry: nuclear physics

This Ukrainian lives and works in Germany, here it has more prospects…

At the end I want to mention that a lot of Ukrainians among scientists. For example, modern mathematical world has stirred up Ukrainian Marina of Viazovska. She managed to solve a complicated math problem on which scientists fought for many years. What she found very simple solution.

For his work, Marina received the international prize of Salem. This award is in fact equivalent to the Nobel prize in mathematics. For contributions to the Ukrainian science was also awarded the prize is sastra Ramanujan.

Note, Wasowska lives and works in Germany. Ukrainian colleagues are not all happy for the success of compatriot. After the ceremony the Salem prize in the direction of the Marina sounded caustic remarks far less successful colleagues.