60-year-old German returned to the sphere of sex services after the collapse in politics : In the World : Vladim

News 21 January, 2018

In Germany, 60-year-old worker of sphere of sexual services has decided to revive old after a collapse in the political arena. Of felitsitas, Shirou in the past was a well-known representative of the oldest profession and was listed as one of the highest paid prostitutes of Berlin.


Subsequently, she decided to retire and make a career policy, aligning it with the business. At first it all went fairly well. Felicitas, opened a cafe and began to take the first steps on a political path – she became an activist in the struggle for women’s rights. Shirou even managed to achieve that in a country with legalized prostitution and recognized her full time profession.

However, financial problems soon overcame the policy-restorators. The rent of the premises, the cafe became unbearable, even at home, Felicitas almost lost. While a woman can not be called a sloth – she did everything that she, or her little child didn’t need. Of felitsitas started to look for another job, but to do it without a center of employment and has failed. And there, as if mocking at the woman, lost of already sent documents required every time a new. For several years they denied it, Shirou in unemployment benefits.

To pay the bills, the German returned to the profession of his youth. Now she refers to herself as a Mature, knowledgeable representative of sexual services. One session will cost 200 Euro to the client.