63 % of Quebecers see the tax cuts a good eye

News 1 February, 2018
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    Thursday, 1 February 2018 06:35

    Thursday, 1 February 2018 06:35

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    Sixty-three per cent of Quebecers are in favour of tax cuts announced by the government Couillard in November, according to a poll by Léger, commissioned by the Montreal economic Institute.

    The stroke of the probe was conducted between 8 and 10 January 2018, from 1012 to québec residents aged 18 years or more and who speak French or English. According to the survey, only 26% of Quebecers have a negative opinion of the announcement by the minister of Finance, Carlos Leitão.

    Fifty-nine percent of respondents believe that the cuts announced will have a positive impact on the economy.

    “The reduction of the tax burden is good for the economy”, the minister said on the sidelines of the caucus of liberal members of parliament, Québec. “We will contribute to accelerating consumption and investment. It’s a virtuous circle.”

    One-quarter of respondents believe they pay “just enough” tax and 71 % of them do not believe that the additional money injected in the last 10 years by the Quebec government in health and education are showing results.