7 days a week – 7 planets

Techno 24 October, 2017

2017-10-23 19:38

7 days a week – 7 planets
Each planet has its influence on the events of the day, dreams, health and relationships.

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According to astrology the seven days of the week correspond to the seven planets, reports Rus.Media. Each planet has its influence on the events of the day, dreams, health and relationships. If we consider this effect only in the days of the week, you can plan your business according to it.

And now more about every day.

Sunday. Sun.

The king of our Solar system is the Sun. Sunday ruled by the Sun. Interestingly, the English name of this day — Sunday, German Sonntag, which means “day of the sun”. The first thing recommended to do on Sunday is to engage them and their health. If you want to go somewhere, it is recommended to choose the North direction. Sunday is good to wear pink. It is recommended to be generous, to welcome guests, to give gifts to help those in need. Not to interfere!

Monday. A month.

The month is Queen in the realm of the solar system, it is associated in our horoscope with the mind and senses, the subtle spiritual qualities. Her day is mother’s day and new beginnings. Especially good to start the business on a full or growing moon, then all things will get good development and rapid growth. Monday is favorable for work related to thinking, creativity. Better to travel in a southerly direction, and clothes to choose white and bright. In this day to study well, to buy things to start a romantic relationship and registration of marriage. We should not show emotions and make difficult decisions. On Monday well go to bed early.

Tuesday. Mars.

Mars — the home planet of all military, managers and athletes. Mars controls in human energy and strength, gives courage, passion and the ability to manage. This day is not very favorable any undertaking, in addition to treatment and spiritual practices of yoga that help to achieve inner harmony and calm aggression. Sport and fitness — the best exercises for Tuesday. But employment, marriage and other initiatives can lead to conflict, which is responsible for Mars. Do not let this day in debt and try to avoid travel, but if you want, then the best direction is East. Tuesday is good to wear red — the colors of Mars. For its support a well fasting without meat and alcohol, to monitor the expression of such emotions as anger and aggression, to help and protect the weak, women and children.

Environment. Mercury.

Mercury, the patron of business and everything connected with trade, land, communications, logic, science and writing art. Wednesday is the day, favorable for investment, business, purchase and sale. This day is to establish links, to start a friendship, a partnership, to organize the marriage. Better to travel to the West, and to wear green. Mercury does not love those who cheat are too lazy to learn, stealing, cunning. Communicate more with friends and relatives on this day, learning to play musical instruments and read spiritual literature.

Thursday. Jupiter.

Jupiter is the patron of knowledge, laws, spirituality, devotion. Thursday — one of the best days for all undertakings. This day is also good to solve any legal questions, visit the temples, to start the construction, to study the spiritual disciplines and laws. Better to travel West to wear yellow, orange, saffron, light brown in color.

Friday. Venus.

Very auspicious day for many initiatives. Venus — the patroness of love, art, family and beauty. On Fridays it is good to shop, go to museums and exhibitions, theatres. For travel and the positive direction. With clothes, Venus loves beautiful, light and bright tones.

Saturday. Saturn.

Saturn as the slowest and largest planet, protects service personnel, officials of customs and police, judges and all those who can limit our freedom. In addition, the ascetics, the monks, the people of knowledge. Saturday, good day for beginnings, you can do self-development. Also Saturday is considered a bad day for marriage. But good to bring order and cleanliness in the house, to treat. This is the best day to travel but, if necessary, the southern direction is the most favorable. Dress on Saturday is better in blue and purple tones.