7 signs of a sociopath: run from this!

Techno 22 March, 2018

2018-03-22 17:53

7 signs of a sociopath: run from this!
Many of us love to watch movies and TV shows about sociopaths, even sympathize with these characters, but who would like to meet them in real life? Unfortunately, they happen more often than you think, probably someone you know personally. How to recognize the danger?.

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According to the American psychiatric Association, three out of a hundred men sociopaths. About 70% of them grew up without a father, 30% were born outside of marriage. It seems that a difficult childhood can be one of the reasons, but it is not necessary to write to the monsters everyone was raised by a single mother or who was not a wanted child. Notice the behaviors that give a person a sociopath, reports Rus.Media.

1. He is very charming

He always says exactly what you wanted to hear. Are you ready to agree to any proposal, just because his smile and charm is impossible to resist. You know this character? Stay away from him — likely that this is not your Prince on a white horse, but a real sociopath.

They are incredibly charismatic and seem women very sexy. This does not mean that all sexual and charismatic men are sociopaths. But if these qualities are included with the habit of saying that you “hook”, be wary.

2. He does not feel ashamed

These people are not able to feel guilt for their actions, even the most terrible. Therefore, they are dangerous, lack of conscience makes them capable of anything. “A lot of people with antisocial personality disorders are devoid of conscience, but not all, explains psychiatrist Donald black. But this statement is true of all psychopaths, which makes them very dangerous. When a person does not feel remorse, he can realize any scary thought that comes into his head.

3. He has no close relations

Friends, family, colleagues or absent in his life, or relationships are filled with quarrels and scandals. No, it’s not that no one is able to understand its mysterious and complex nature, the fact that socapalm very difficult to build a lasting emotional connection. So from a person who no one gets along and blames it on everyone but yourself, it is better to run. While it didn’t ruin your life too.

4. He manipulates others

Such a person is looking to make a profit and will do anything just to get their way. He no doubt uses and sets up other people to achieve goals. This can manifest itself in different ways. For example, if a person is constantly trying to convince you of something, think of its motives. And if you suddenly noticed that in his company you have changed the behavior, and not for the better, think about the cessation of communication.

5. He is rude and aggressive

Sociopaths are unfeeling and cruel. Some do not even hide the aggressiveness and tendency to physical and emotional violence. They do not care about others, even those they keep to themselves. Seems strange how they can be both brutal and charming. They usually bring out a charm on initial stage of communication that you got, and then show their real face, making you unhappy and insecure.

6. He comes up with a fantastic lie

Imagine that a friend returned from fishing and started bragging, like catching a metre-long pike, although it was a small fish. Presented? This isn’t a fantastic lie.

Sociopaths don’t lie about nothing and not confuse minor accident data. Their lies are large and unwieldy. They literally live in a world of endless lies, which replaces the reality. They’re lying about their experience and the incredible events that supposedly happened to look better, smarter, more interesting. They also often lie about health status to play on the pity of others and to benefit.

7. He never asks for forgiveness

Sociopaths believe that they are always right. Even if you provide the proof of their error, they refuse to admit it. Their ego requires constant feeding and admitting you were wrong, this isn’t really helping. Therefore, they never apologize. Not feeling guilt for their actions, they believe that they did nothing wrong. Why then apologize?

One or two of these qualities may occasionally occur in “normal” people. Someone may commit a violent act, or refuse to admit an obvious mistake, but that doesn’t make him a sociopath. The more such manifestations you see in one person, the higher the probability that you are faced with it.