7 signs that you have a strong aura

Techno 13 February, 2018

2018-02-13 13:26

7 signs that you have a strong aura
And You have a strong aura?

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Sign first: if the aura is pure and strong, man is not nearly as sore. When the aura is tiny, man is taxed, he has frequent headaches appear chronic diseases, he catches colds easily. Sometimes it goes further — there are signs of more serious illnesses, reports Rus.Media.

Luck second: a strong aura gives the wearer an incredible luck in all Affairs. Roughly speaking, people with strong energy is always more likely to succeed without great effort.

The third sign: a strong aura can be felt, if a man exudes optimism. When you stand next to that person, you want to act, I want to conquer the world, you see everything in a pleasant light. If it is a person of the opposite sex, then it is very easy to fall in love.

The fourth sign: people with high level of energy and not a stick problem. This does not mean that such people have no problems at all, they just do not give him such discomfort.

The sign of the fifth: if a person has a high level of energy, it is likely the leader. To lead others and being weak are two things that are absolutely not comparable with each other.

The sixth sign: strong aura, strong body. When a person is strong mentally, she’s strong and physically. It is hardy, slow get tired and are always ready to conquer new heights.

The seventh sign: his mind is open. These people are not afraid to experiment, to expand, to look beyond the horizon. Strong energy allows you to not be afraid of changes, and it is absolutely any. It proves once again that life is dynamic. Life is constant change and permanent transformation.

It’s impossible to have only two features, but not all seven. They’re just differently developed. There are slight variations or anomalies, but in General, each of the items rises with the biofield. Just need to work on my energy and views of the world — then everything will work.