8 abilities of the body, which can not afford 88% of the people on the planet

Techno 29 March, 2018

2018-03-29 09:59

8 abilities of the body, which can not afford 88% of the people on the planet
Only a small percentage of people possess some natural abilities that for most of the population of the planet are almost beyond the possible.

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Only a small percentage of people possess some natural abilities that for most of the population of the planet are almost beyond the possible. Only 10% of people can touch their nose with tongue, and only 10% to move their ears separately. Want to see the other 6 things?, informs news Ukr.Media.

What abilities of the body beyond the possible

1. Eating cinnamon

Ground cinnamon is a great additive for sweet desserts, but to eat it. Attempting to do so can end up sticking spices to my throat and eventually cause a cough. Most of the people who tried to eat dry cinnamon got on the hospital bed. Spice obtained from the dried bark of the cinnamon tree,

It has a spicy, slightly sweet and tangy flavor and strong aroma. Cinnamon does not dissolve in water. If it enters the lungs, irritates them. The Internet turns a lot of videos of people who tried to eat cinnamon but it’s bad for them is over.

2. The trick with the language

Whether you belong to those lucky ones who are able to roll your tongue into a tube, or to do with it, and other strange figures? If you possess such extraordinary abilities, we congratulate you for your perseverance.

Until recently, scientists debated about the presence of people who are able to curtail their language, a suitable genetic predisposition. But after much research it turned out that this is a skill you can develop. Interestingly, performing the trick with the language is about 75 % of the population.

3. Wiggling ears

People who can wiggle his ears belong to a minority. Some may do so only with the simultaneous raising of the eyebrows. According to the 2006 study, the mechanism of wiggling ears is more complex than it might seem. Unlike most of the muscles of the face, motor the center ear is located in the brain stem. That is why motion control ears is a unique challenge.

4. Touching nose with tongue

You ever tried to touch your nose with tongue? Many who have tried, but this proved harder than it seemed. Only about 10% of people in the world able to do this.

It turns out that the ability to touch the nose of a genetically determined their language. But even if you belong to the small percentage of these people, you still need to practice. By the way, this outstanding capability has gene Simmons from the rock band Kiss.

5. to put my fist in your mouth

Those people who are able to stick your fist in your mouth, is a rare anomaly. For most of us it’s impossible. But some people like this trick fails.

The man, who is able to make this crazy action, must have a big mouth, and relatively little fist. Children can stick their fists in your mouth when trying to learn this part of the body. But in the process of maturation and growth of the body this ability is lost.

6. Sneezing with your eyes open

Have you ever wondered whether it is possible to sneeze with your eyes open? Sneezing is a natural reflex, during which the brain sends signals to muscles of the abdomen, chest, neck, face, eyelids, muscle, and mucous glands of the nose. This process occurs automatically and stop it difficult.

If you want to try to sneeze with your eyes open, don’t be afraid your eyeballs will not fall out. Designer of industrial products and a leading us tried! Adam savage and Jamie Hinman.

7. The ability to tickle myself

Tickling makes us laugh, bend, and in the worst case – even psaty pants. It happens when we tickle the other person. But it is possible to tickle yourself?

The answer is known to our brain. When we want to tickle our brain combines motion and what we expect from sensations of touch to our skin. Therefore, the same action performed by us, does not bring the expected results.

8. Magic tricks with hands

Depending on the flexibility of our muscles, tendons, and lengths of hands and fingers, we can perform some magic tricks. For example, many people are able to separate their fingers in the way that was presented to Leonard Nemom. It is the Vulcan salute – a gesture made in the film “Star trek”.

The tendons that cause our fingers to move, work independently. Apart from the tendon, which is responsible for the middle finger. With the help of correct exercises and stretching of the tendons, to perform such a gesture will not be difficult.

There are so many incredible things that can only do a few people! Whether you belong to these people?