8 signs that he is satisfied with sex with you

Techno 13 March, 2018

2018-03-13 11:31

8 signs that he is satisfied with sex with you
Nice to know that during sex (and generally in a romantic language) both partners are involved in the process and are passionate about them. But what if you’re not quite sure he was happy?

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There are a few clues – except for a direct question on the forehead, which can spoil everything, but it is the surest way to know the truth, reports Rus.Media.

The proximity

If he hugs you and tries to be as close as possible, then he does not like what is happening. But these actions can just be a change of position for more enjoyable sex.


Often in the face of a partner can be read, like him or not. But if you recently together, he’s good at hiding emotions or, for example, seems excitable, when he is sick (things happen!), but this characteristic is not so significant.


If he flirts with you, kisses not only during sex, so it all suits. But some may behave in closed and not to take you by the hand on people, so it is important to know the traits of his character.


During sex people can produce different sounds: groans, sighs, grunts, cries. And who ever deals with them in silence. But sound volume did not correlate with the degree of satisfaction what is happening!


If you have something troubling, just feeling. And even what exactly not to do — to accept something unpleasant in order to give pleasure to the partner.


If he willingly lies with you cuddling after sex and talking about everything, it’s a sign that he likes everything. If not — this may be a feature of the behavior, but also can be a frustration.

Eye contact

A good sign! And not very good — if he’s avoiding to look you in the eyes, although in normal times looks as much as needed.


Of course, in most cases, the presence of orgasm shows that all arranged. But it so happens that this is only a mechanical “steam release”.