80-year-old resident of Britain became a ballerina : the World : Vladim

News 15 January, 2018

A resident of the UK Barbara Peters has managed, in 80 years to take a 55-minute examination of the dance in the dance school. Now she is the most senior dancer in the United Kingdom.


Daily Mail reports about Barbara Peters, who for 55 minutes danced different types of ballet dance in order to pass the exam in dance school. The 80-year-old woman is the most senior ballerina of Britain.

Peters lives in Hastings, near the coast. The local newspaper reported that the woman, due to their achievement came in a variety of record books.

The ballerina says that dancing allows her to keep in shape and dance she has dreamed of since the age of two. All life Peters is dedicated to ballet, even despite the fact that she failed to get the scholarship, and she earned it by the work of the conductor in the bus.

For occupation in 2015 ballet again the woman was inspired by the fact that her daughter has opened dance classes.