9 years in prison… for a ” meager booty of $ 26 “

News 21 December, 2017
    Stéphane Lachance

    Kathleen Frenette

    Thursday, December 21, 2017 11:54

    Thursday, December 21, 2017 11:54

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    The robbery committed by Stéphane Lachance, an accomplice of Yves “Colossus” Plamondon, in October 2015 in Saint-Apollinaire has finally earned him a sentence of imprisonment of nine years, and this, for a ” meager booty of $ 26 “.

    In June, Lachance, 48 years, admitted to having played the “central role” in the commission of the crime in the company of “Colossus” and he pleaded guilty to charges of robbery, use of a prohibited firearm, conspiracy, wearing a disguise and possession of cocaine and methamphetamine.


    On the day of the events, while the two men were under spinning by link with a folder of narcotics, they have been seen, by officers, on board two cars in the direction of the small municipality located on the South Shore of Quebec city.

    While Plamondon is the watchtower on the outskirts of the Caisse populaire of the place, ” Lachance enter and, shining a loaded firearm on the cashier, it requires the content of the fund amounted to $26.

    “Although the officers spinners have seen what was happening, they could not intervene because of the level of risk represented by these two individuals,” said in his decision, judge Carl Thibault.

    Once the money is obtained, the two men are gone “to the cottage of a brother “from” Colossus “to hide the weapon, a bag as well as the hood used, and they have” the opportunity to change clothes, which demonstrates the highly premeditated and the degree of planning, ” stated the magistrate.

    The two men have subsequently been arrested at Mcdonald’s in Saint-Apollinaire by the emergency response team of the police Service of Quebec City.

    Long criminal career

    Before rendering his sentence, the judge Thibault pointed out that “the criminal careers of Lachance “ranged” over a period of thirty years “and that, even in detention, he does” not comply with the rules as evidenced by its many shortcomings.”

    In addition, in the course of this ” career “, he has committed eleven robberies, three of them with a firearm.

    For all these reasons, and because Lachance has not demonstrated “no effort of rehabilitation” and that the risk of recurrence is always ” present “, the president of the tribunal granted the request of the prosecution and ordered that the accused cannot be released until they have served ” one-half of his sentence “.