90 days in jail for assaulting the woman in his taxi

News 14 December, 2017
  • Photo Ben Pelosse
    The taxi driver Carlo Figaro who had sexually assaulted a teenager has been sentenced to 90 days in jail, 120 hours of course work and a probation of two years. He is accompanied here with her lawyer, Julie Anne Marinier.

    Michael Nguyen

    Thursday, December 14, 2017 20:45

    Thursday, December 14, 2017 20:45

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    A taxi driver who sexually assaulted a young client during a race left him with the prison on the weekends and work in the community.

    At the suggestion of the parties, Figaro has been sentenced to 90 days in jail discontinuous, and 120 hours of community work.

    “For someone with no history of judiciary, it is a sentence all important,” said the judge Lori Renée Weitzman, Thursday, at the palais de justice of Montreal.

    Carlo Figaro, 49 years old, has received this award without flinching. He simply signed the documents before leaving.

    The assault occurred in the summer of 2015. The victim, whose identity is protected by the court, had just finished his shift working in a coffee when she took a taxi to go home.


    But rather than bring her home, Figaro has started to compliment the teenager of 17 years. And after he asked for her phone number, he embraced her strength and then him licking the face and commit sexual touching.

    The trial judge had caused an outcry by claiming that the victim had probably been “a little flattered” by the behaviour of the driver since it was ” perhaps the first time that a man is interested in her.”

    “You can say that she has a little overweight, but she has a pretty face huh ?” said judge Jean-Paul Braun, who has since withdrew the folder.


    In front of the judge Weitzman, the victim wanted to put things clear on Thursday.

    “In the weeks that followed, I had nightmares, she said. I was sad, confused, disgusted, I thought it was my fault. “

    The young woman was so stressed that she even had to be hospitalized for over a month. She had to follow a therapy, and she has been off work for several months.

    “This fear has greatly affected my life, it disgusts me, as a [Figaro] is freedom, I don’t feel safe,” she added.

    Sitting in the room, Figaro has kept his head low throughout this testimony.

    “The Asset “

    “It has always been an asset to the company, there does not appear to have risk of recurrence, but it has violated the privacy of a young girl, explained to Me Amélie Rivard of the Crown. We must not trivialize this type of crime. “

    Photo Martin Alarie

    Amélie Rivard


    Me Julie Anne Marinier of the defence added that his client had a stable life, and that he had the support of his wife.

    “The prison is discontinuous to allow him to continue his contribution to the family “, she said.

    Figaro will in addition have to undergo a probation of two years, during which he will have to follow a therapy. He will not approach his victim, and he will have to pay $ 500 to the CAVAC. Finally, it will be registered to the sex offender registry for 20 years.