A 30 Euro discount on BeatsX and AirPods available for purchase!

Techno 12 June, 2017

If you want to buy wireless headphones, now is the time to take your CB. The BeatsX have 30 € discount, and the AirPods are in stock … or almost!
If you’re looking for a headphone or headphone from the W1 family at a reduced price, you will find the smile at the end of this article. The BeatsX, these wireless earphones that are equipped with the famous W1 chip of Apple enjoy a nice discount on Amazon. Marketed at 149.95 euros, the BeatsX that we could test at the editorial are available, here , only 119.99 euros with a free delivery. But beware, only the white color of the BeatsX takes advantage of this enticing offer . As for AirPods, they are in stock. Well almost !
If you are rather a fan of AirPods and their smallness that will be even more customizable under iOS 11 , you will be happy to hear that CDiscount announces them in stock at the moment . But on the other hand, they are not at the same price as Apple (179 €). The e-commerce site offers AirPods at a price of 249.99 euros . With this fairly high rate, you are at least sure to receive them 2 or 3 days after making your request. At Apple and at other merchant sites, the six-week waiting period has become almost mundane. So you prefer a wireless earpiece?