A antipatriote removed for good to Chambly

News 31 March, 2018
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    Nicolas Bourgault

    Carl Vaillancourt

    Friday, 30 march 2018 22:14

    Friday, 30 march 2018 22:14

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    CHAMBLY | The name of a lieutenant-governor british who burned villages and convicted of 12 patriots at the hanging in 1838, will be permanently removed from the Town of Chambly, on the 16th of April, despite the anger of citizens.

    The geographical names Board of Quebec gave the green light Wednesday to Chambly to remove the park and the street Colborne, both named in honor of lieutenant-governor of british Sir John Colborne.

    The announcement had the effect of a bomb for the citizens. Some do not intend to sit idly by.

    “We have a petition of 2000 signatures opposing the motion of the City of Chambly. This will only cause confusion for visitors, not to mention of the important pan of history that is removed, ” said resident Patrick Dufresne.

    Financial losses

    The City took the opportunity to move the name of the rue Ostiguy. In addition to the inhabitants of these streets, the traders feel to be injured financially by the change of address.

    Co-owner of the brewpub Bedondaine and Tummies round, located on the rue Ostiguy, Stephanie Lamarche has not hidden his frustration about the costs that she will have to pay.

    “These are thousands of dollars that it will cost us. It is too early to make a figure. The City met us to assess the costs, but I doubt that we pay the entire amount, ” said Ms. Lamarche, who runs the brewery with his partner, Nicolas Bourgault, for the past 14 years.

    68 addresses affected

    “We’re going to need to change our advertisements, lettering our trucks, change our address with our suppliers, and several other costly process. The time and energy deployed were not ” necessary “, explained Mr. Bourgault.

    According to the mayor of Chambly, Denis Lavoie, this change that affects in a total of 68 addresses was more than necessary.

    “I do not believe that there is a street Hitler in Germany, even if it is an important part of the Story. I am one of those who do not want to glorify a man who burned women and children in churches, “he added, referring to Sir Colborne, nicknamed the” Old firebrand “.