A banner of anti-immigration stage

News 22 August, 2017
  • Photo taken from Facebook
    This banner was installed at the olympic stadium had been torn off yesterday.

    Matthew Payen

    Tuesday, 22 August, 2017 00:01

    Tuesday, 22 August, 2017 00:01

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    Activists in anti-immigration have installed banners in Montreal last night, including one on the olympic stadium, where hundreds of asylum seekers are currently hosted.

    On these banners, it is inscribed with ” Remigration “, a term used by the supporters of a return of migrants to their countries of origin.

    According to the group identity Atalante, Quebec, more than a dozen of these banners have been installed in Montreal. Some are shown in the photo on the page Facebook of the group.

    One of the banners was placed on the facade of a building to the south of the olympic Park, close to the place where there are temporarily housed some 600 asylum-seekers.

    “The poster was quickly torn away by our employees this morning (yesterday), we took pictures and we warned the police,” said the spokesperson for the Régie des installations olympiques, Cedric Essiminy.

    On his page Facebook, Atalante, Quebec, accompanies the photos to a message stating that ” the nebula strikes again “.

    “Through this campaign, we have managed to expose how the large media, and even the regional media, did a botched job and demagogic,” continues the message.

    Last week, a banner with the word “Remigration” was installed above a highway in Quebec city. Those responsible could face criminal charges.

    The Montreal police was not in a position to comment on the situation yesterday. The CIUSSS of Centre-Ouest-de-l’île-de-Montréal, in charge of the shelter for migrants, did not wish to speak.