A bar cancels a promotion “4 for 1”

News 21 March, 2018
  • Photo special collaboration, amélie st-yves
    The bar The Manchester Trois-Rivieres had until yesterday a huge poster promoting a ” 4 to 1 “. The advertising has been withdrawn following a complaint.

    Amélie St-Yves

    Wednesday, 21 march, 2018 01:00

    Wednesday, 21 march, 2018 01:00

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    THREE RIVERS | The owners of a bar in Trois-Rivières have cancelled a promotion controversial of which was the purchase of four drinks for the price of one, after a complaint of éduc’alcool.

    The co-owner of the bar The Manchester, Karl Vachon, was removed yesterday from the large posters in front of his establishment which were the promotion of the special “4 for 1” on Tuesday evening.

    It ensures that the business has never wanted to encourage the irresponsible consumption by offering a “4 for 1” until midnight, a promotion that had been in place for a few weeks.

    An offence

    It is informed by the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux (RACJ) and realized that éduc’alcool possibly was right and that his promotion could be considered a violation of the regulations on the advertising of alcoholic beverages.

    “I’ve decided not to fan the fire. It is the law. I’m going to go in the right way if I don’t want to be slapped on the fingers, ” he said.

    The director general of éduc’alcool, Hubert Sacy, a complaint was submitted to the RACJ earlier this week, arguing that the promotion led to the consumption non-responsible, which is prohibited under the regulation.

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    Hubert Sacy Director general of éduc’alcool


    Near a college

    According to him, this special would have been unacceptable anywhere, but it is all the more so that the bar is located less than a mile from a college and is much frequented by the students.

    “This is not a very good idea to play with fire. It is a customer who is vulnerable, and his sense of risk is much more advanced than his judgment, ” says Mr. Ycas.

    The spokesperson of the RACJ Joyce Tremblay does not confirm that the bar was in violation.

    By contrast, the “4 to 1” is cited as an example of incentive to the consumer is not responsible, in a press release intended for the licensees dated 2012.