A bichon discovered badly burned with the hair dye

News 29 January, 2018
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    A small bichon maltese in danger of death was saved by a shelter animal after having suffered very severe injuries. His master tried to dye the hair, before leaving them for dead.

    The dog was discovered with multiple and serious injuries that have put his life in danger, by the Pinellas County Animal Services, the shelter that took him in Florida.

    All the hair of the little beast had been colored with dye reserved for the human hair.

    The dog was in a critical state: his closed eyes were swollen, he had burns on his skin, and seemed to be “limp and apathetic”.

    Nicknamed Violet, the little bichon was first treated with analgesics. The shelter staff tried to remove most of the dye as possible, but his condition was far more serious than it appeared.

    The vets have decided to put it under anesthesia for him to shave all of his hair. During the process, staff realized that the skin of the animal stood in tatters, reports the website Live Science.

    “It was a lot more serious than we had thought,” said the shelter.

    Dangerous products

    “The dye for human hair should never be used on dogs or any other animal,” said Pinellas County Animal Services.

    The chemicals of the dye, which include hydrogen peroxide and bleach, can cause serious injuries to animals, including burns and even the loss of sight, if these products come into contact with the eyes.

    Since dogs lick, the dye can also enter in their system and cause poisoning.

    For Violet, it took three months for the animal to get back on its legs, thanks to antibiotics, intravenous therapies, bandages and more.

    Despite the fact that the animal began to walk and bark, the shelter staff believes she is still at risk of losing the view or make an infection.